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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Metal Gear Rising, Diablo III, C&C: Generals 2, Last of Us, Epic's new game and more trailers UP! - MGRising: Revengeance trailer added!

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What was Epic's new game?

Wait I've seen all of these trailers already >:(

Really liked the transformers trailer! The last of us looks interesting, if any developer can bring something new to the undead/zombie/infected genre it would be Naughty Dog!

Mass Effect 3! Game of the generation!

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Best trailer:


I will brook no arguments on this point.

tagged for when im done watching ufc 140

I have lived as a warrior. I have died as a god. Having suffered the ultimate sacrifice, I have been denied release. I...I will defeat Olympus. I will have my revenge


pezus said:
darkknightkryta said:
What was Epic's new game?

Fortnite - the trailer is in the OP!

I know, I just didn't watch any of the trailers yet, so I didn't know what belonged to who.


The Last of Us (Naughty Dogs yay!)
Transformers (DINOSAURS!!!!!!)


The Amazing Spider-Man (I guess Beenox will be Beenox)
MGS: Rising (Looks a bit too cheesy)

Last of Us! Woot! I wish it came out like tomorrow.