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#16 Day of the Tentacle
guessed by The_Liquid_Laser
platform DOS
release year 1993
developer/publisher LucasArts
genre point-and-click adventure
links Wikipedia
past years 2018: #13
2017: #14

And there we have another one of these excellent LucasArts adventures. This is a point-and-click adventure, but you play three different characters, Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie, which are transported to different times and have to work together to stop purple tentacle from taking over the world. This is sort of a sequel to Maniac Mansion, it reuses some of it's whacky characters and locations. As with many LucasArts adventures, the game were fun, the fun even baked into the puzzles.

The story is set in motion, after purple tentacle drinks from the river which is filled with toxic waste from Dr. Fred Edisons laboratory and grows arms. With this he decides to take over the world. Dr. Fred calls Bernard and his friends for help and tries to send them back two days into the past to surn of the machinery to produce the toxic waste. But this fails and so Laverne lands 200 years in the future ruled by purple tentacle, Hoagie 200 years in the past and Bernard stays in the present.

The game got a remaster a few years back with updated graphics.

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