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Mnementh said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

More clues:

15. a) The developer of this game actually created another successful series first.  But then the developers and their publisher were bought by two different companies.  That lead this developer to create this game which had the developer's first series as their main competitor.
b)  The publisher of the first series made plastic instruments.  But I am looking for the first game in the second series.

14. a) This fantasy beat'em up lets you choose from 3 different characters.
b) Sega

13.  a)  One way this spiritual successor changed from it's previous game is that it was no longer a PS3 exclusive.
b)  Your ability to level up and buy equipment come from the same "currency".

15. Uh, that is Rock Band.


#13: And that is Dark Souls.

Both correct!

Mnementh said:

OK, I had to spam a bit to catch up a little - and still have catching up to do, so more spam incoming. But for the moment I take a break and drop new hints for games, that are also part of the catching up. So here we go.


a) Sword-fighting is decided by best banter.


a) Sorry to keep you waiting!


a) What caused the hollowborn?


a) Doing things in one time-period may change stuff in another.


a) Fight (amongst other stuff) against tables, playing cards, books and other stuff.

19.  Secret of Monkey Island  (or one of its sequels)

18.  That line sounds familiar.  Grim Fandango?

16.  Day of the Tentacle

(Going full LucasArts with my guesses)