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#13 Day of the Tentacle
guessed by The_Liquid_Laser
platform DOS
release year 1993
developer/publisher LucasArts
genre point-and-click adventure
links Wikipedia
last year  #14

Back in the day I loved point-and-click adventures, and LucasArts were the masters at it. This was simply unmatched. And Day of the Tentacle was one of their masterpieces.

The humour in LucasArts games is just so great. And the humour seeps into everything, is expressed by dialog, visually, in everything. Just look at the picture above: there are basically no parallel lines. Everything is crooked. Even Bernard is not standing upright, but kinda weird. Well, even the verbs in the menu have all weird characters.

Playing is also special for a point-and-click adventure, you play three characters in three times. You can switch between them. Solving problems often involve doing something over time. So if in the past a tree is felled, it stops existing in the future. And what happens to that hamster... that is hilarious.

Excellent game. It got a remake with updated graphics recently.

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