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Mnementh said:
Darashiva said:

17: The Secret of Monkey Island?

12. Baldur's Gate

Right and very right.

OTBWY said:

#15 Final Fantasy Tactics?


Nope, I never played FFT. I am intrigued though, after LiquidLaser talked about it, but with my assortment of hardware it might be difficult to get without resorting to piracy. PSP would probably the best option, but I never got one. I can't see it on PS3.

You can play the PS1 game on a PS3, btw.  The graphics are not quite as good as the original hardware, but it's not really a game about graphics anyway.

S.Peelman said:
#15: In this famous game, the protagonist was supposed to have a mount, but technical limitations led to the idea instead having to wait for the sequel on a new console.

15. Link to the Past?

Mnementh said:

Still behind schedule.

a) This was a surprising revival of a series that was dormant for 20 years.
b) Yeah, this is the REAL Lord of the underworld! The boss fight we just had was an underling.
c) So many gods! And they all talk a lot.
d) "Pyrrhon senses danger. And now... Pyrrhon sees it."

a) The same series as #21, this was a direct sequel of an earlier entry on a new console generation.
b) The girl with silver hair.
c) Shapeshifter.
d) The Dawn Brigade.

#18: Guessed by Landale_Star: Dragon Quest Builders

#17: Guessed by Darashiva: The Secret of Monkey Island

a) Transhumanism: The Game!
b) Got implants without consent, while recovering from serious injuries.

a) The gameplay of one RPG-series of that company combined with the characters of another RPG-series.
b) Draw maps on graph paper.

a) What is the cause for the hollowborn?
b) Maybe because we killed a god?

a) If you drink water contaminated with industrial waste, you take over the world!
b) Crazy time-travel toilets.

#12: Guessed by Darashiva: Baldur's Gate

a) This is a japanese spin-off game of a western RPG-series.

19.  Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
15.  Persona Q
13.  Day of the Tentacle

mZuzek said:

Hey. (yes, I'm still alive)

It's been hard to find the willingness to come here lately because it's Smash season, but I think it's winding down enough that I could dedicate some time to doing this again. So, time to catch up... a lot.

#24 - This 90's game's terrible voice acting is as infamous as it is beloved.
The prologue features particularly notable dialogue, some of which has been reused this year in a trailer for another game.

#22 - Shortly after fighting yourself, you fight the Statue of Liberty. I'm also getting into quite the spoilery territory here... oh well.
It's a shooter game, and the spoiler stuff above is from a DLC campaign.

#21 - She's back. (Well, the phrase loses a bit of impact a year later.)
However, she isn't really back, because this game was just a remake. She will be back soon, though.

#20 - A big chunk of this game only exists because of Satoru Iwata's contribution in development.
#19 - A dark, immersive and intense rhythm game that features no catchy or recognizable music. It was promoted as "rhythm violence".
#18 - There's a light and dark world, three temples and several keys you have to collect to unlock each. No, it's not a Zelda game.
#17 - The only game in this long-running and highly successful franchise to break the norm and feature a different ending from the other entries.
#16 - A certain screen of this game is commonly used as a meme when something big (such as a game release) is close to happening.

21.  Metroid Zero Mission
20.  Earthbound