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I really like it in the digital mock up but man does it look like absolute ass in a design drawing. Considering the front half is all you'll seeand it looks equally nice vertical as horizontal, I'd consider this to be a win if true. Perhaps the lips are a bit too pretruding which leads me to bepieve this is a fake, I don't think a modern design team would go that far but the idea and overall shape is more than solid. A bit like a cybertruck version of the Xbox 360 elite. Very nice.


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OneTime said:
Hmmm... An X-shaped box.

yea, I kinda doubt Sony would shape their console in a way that is heavily associated with a competitor

personally I don't really care either way, but designers do usually have all sorts of symbolisms etc in mind

JRPGfan said:
That has to be fake....

In all likelihood yes. First as some people pointed out: Why is the picture so low res? Nowadays pretty much any smart phone can take much better pictures than this one so why do these so called leaks need to be blurry and bad quality? I'm hinting at a fake that won't be as easily spotted with a low res picture where a normal res picture would show much more clearly how fake it is.

Reminds me of those so called UFO pictures and videos, ALWAYS blurry and shaky and unclear, it's like nobody is capable of taking a normal picture or video whenever they claim to have witnessed an encounter of the third kind.

Of course there is the remote possibility that this picture is the real thing, but the chances are not that good for the reasons I just explained.


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Yep, I keep looking and those lips and angles are just way to pronounced for it yo be real, I'm imagining sweeping a gaze over this and the visual surface of the front is just far to narrow for it to be real, perhaps an early design but certainly not a final design.


S.Peelman said:
That’s almost as silly as the V-shaped thing.

The V-shaped thing is a DEV-KIT, why can't people understand what that implies?

A Dev-kit does NOT need to look sexy or good, it's a professional piece of hardware for people to work on. Looks are irrelevant in that context.

Yet people lose their minds on the internet, and go: "OMG if that's what the final product is going to look like, it's the end of the world..."

No lady, no sir, when is a Dev-kit ever the same as the final product? It never is, obviously. So why are people talking about a working piece of hardware as if it were the actual retail thing?


He who has nothing to hide does not deserve to be called an individual.

Capitalism has convinced people to buy stuff they don't need with money they don't have to impress people who don't give a shit. (George Carlin)

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JRPGfan said:
Azzanation said:

You say all that while MS are releasing this..

Also the rumoured image doesn't show all sides, could be more USB Ports on the back or side.

I feel like your proveing his points.
MS xbox series X, is a BIG thick boy, and is obviously designed such for cooling purposes (itll draw in air from below/sides/back and push it out the top of the case), and wastes very little (if anything) in terms of space by its design. Microsoft are obviously going for "we just need a huge fan, 120mm+" and that ll be it (we can save abit on metal of the cooler designs, by useing a bigger fan instead).

While the OP picture, looks like some bad PS4 slim design that just looks wrong.

Playstation 5 will also be "big" imo..... if MS has to build it that way to keep it cool, the PS5 will also be big or designed around cooling.
(even if its rumored to be abit weaker, the differnces wont allow for one to make a slim design, and others have to make a gigantic one)

Dunno as his 2nd point was him stating that they aim for designs that blend in under your TV.. well that Series X doesn't look like something that will blend in under your TV. (Than again I don't know what TV you have) 

PS5 X Series

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Standing up looks like a 360. But it's kinda of a bad design. If it's real I'm sure well get used to it.

That console is a real concept Sony was considering using but it's not the final design they're going with.

bad air flow, fake