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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumoured PS5 Design Leak

That’s almost as silly as the V-shaped thing.

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What is the source? why is the picture blurry?

I will presume fake.

Azzanation said:
Leynos said:
Faker than those fake NX controllers and the blurry cafe console pics Phones have insanely hi-rez pictures but make it blurry and suddenly it's a "leak" This is too thin. It has a lot of wasted space. Consoles waste as little space on outrageous designs as possible since Wii U launched. Then PS4 and Xbox. They don't make them look all that distinct anymore and never will again. They want them to blend in and be forgotten under the TV. This is some shit render or some shit 3D print job. I doubt Sony only goes 2 USB ports again.

You say all that while MS are releasing this..

Also the rumoured image doesn't show all sides, could be more USB Ports on the back or side.

I feel like your proveing his points.
MS xbox series X, is a BIG thick boy, and is obviously designed such for cooling purposes (itll draw in air from below/sides/back and push it out the top of the case), and wastes very little (if anything) in terms of space by its design. Microsoft are obviously going for "we just need a huge fan, 120mm+" and that ll be it (we can save abit on metal of the cooler designs, by useing a bigger fan instead).

While the OP picture, looks like some bad PS4 slim design that just looks wrong.

Playstation 5 will also be "big" imo..... if MS has to build it that way to keep it cool, the PS5 will also be big or designed around cooling.
(even if its rumored to be abit weaker, the differnces wont allow for one to make a slim design, and others have to make a gigantic one)

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S.Peelman said:
That’s almost as silly as the V-shaped thing.

The V shaped thing makes more sense, imo.

Tip of the V, is the "heat point", and the V are cooling fins, and it draws in air to pass along those fins.
Usage of heatpipes could spread it down those. It also allows for great ventilation, along those cooling fins.

Obviously the V design is because of the roman numeral for 5 = V.  Playstation 5 thus the V shape.

Theres a style & design choice around it, while still being heavily focused on cooling.
The OP picture, depicts some tiny case that looks barely bigger than a PS4 slim, how is that gonna cool a PS5?

Basically Xbox series X design is around a gigantic Cooling Fan.
Push tons of air = better cooling.

While the PS5 V design, is about surface area + more passive cooling effects by opening up alot of vents.
Tons of surface area = better cooling.

Both are clearly designed around being able to deal with more "heat" than previous designs of consoles.

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Not my thing.

Immersiveunreality said:
Not my thing.

Its a ugly design that doesnt make sense. Its no ones thing, everyone here seems to hate it too.
So theres like a 99% chance its fake :) no worries.

I doubt Sony would choose a desing that doesnt make sense, and that everyone seemingly hates.
Their smarter than that.

Hmmm... An X-shaped box.

Just polish up the devkit design and release that.

Definitely prefer the dev kit, and that wasn't much of a looker itself