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Jpcc86 said:

29 - No lollygaggin'.
Hint 2: Theres a lot of dragons and yelling. 

28 - Robots destroy the world. Robots rebuild the world. Racism is still not gone.  
Hint 2: Main character is female. 

A long shot;

29: Skyrim?

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Jpcc86 said:
Alex_The_Hedgehog said:
27 - A game about War.. Is this Call of Duty? No, because we are not fighting humans here.

Gears of Wars...?


#27 - Gears of War (PC): The first Gears of War is probably my favorite third-person shooter. I love the gameplay, the story and the combat. I really want to play Gears 4 and Gears 5, but first I want to play Gears 2 and Gears 3, to follow the story. It's a shame that Microsoft never released them on PC, but now with Halo Collection on Steam, there's still some hope, I guess.

S.Peelman said:
Jpcc86 said:

29 - No lollygaggin'.
Hint 2: Theres a lot of dragons and yelling. 

28 - Robots destroy the world. Robots rebuild the world. Racism is still not gone.  
Hint 2: Main character is female. 

A long shot;

29: Skyrim?


Guessed by ARamdomGamer

'Super Mario Galaxy' showed that you don't need power in a console to be a game that can measure itself against, and even be better than, more advanced peers. Nintendo did magic with game, as it looked as good as any other early 7th Generation game. This was mostly due to the ingenious level design, which mostly consisted of a collection of small spherical planetoids that could be crammed with detail. This also opened up innovative gameplay design that was never really seen again afterwards. The sequel was also extremely good, though I was more fond of the elaborate hub-world of the first game, and the hidden backstory that was told through a sort of short bedtime stories, which makes the game quite an intimate experience in some way. This polished 3D platformer was one of the games that lured me back to console, after I increasingly drifted away towards PC gaming during the 6th generation.

#26: The garbage goes out of sight, out of mind. Or so he says. Where it actually goes out of sight is only answered once your weapon from a more civilised age is shown.

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Journey (PlayStation 3/4)

Change From Last Year: -3

Video games have, almost by definition, been a very goal oriented medium throughout their history, where much of the engagement in them comes from the game setting a specific goal for the player to reach and then pushing them on their way. However, there have been few games that have done a better job at seemingly doing exactly that at first, but then spending the rest of the game trying to convince the player that the goal doesn't actually matter that much. Honestly, I would rather describe Journey as an experience rather than a game.

The audiovisual journey the game takes you is almost second to none, and the subtle story that rewards players who do some exploration in the game's world is really well told, and leaves just enough for interpretation to give it a nice sense of mystery.

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Moren said:

Easy hint: You play inside a monster, and as the monster himself.

The funny thing is the final villain was the cause of his own death. Despite him poisoning all those people and not even being breakfast, he was going to be forgiven.

The collectibles in this game sometimes are real life objects. Could this mysterious planet full of dangers once have been Earth?

24. Pikmin?

These two have something in common

26. A) He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well Donkey Kong 64, guessed by Moren

B) He's finally back to kick some tail

24. A) It’s not impossible, but it’s almost impossible the first time Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair, guessed by Moren

B) A lizard and a bat, what's up with that?

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26. DK64

24. YL, Impossible Lair.

Mnementh said:
mZuzek said:

#28 - A 2D game where every last bit of the map was handpainted, without any reused assets.
Hint 2 - Both Cuphead and this game stopped being Microsoft exclusives this year.

#26 - The first of three (and counting) HD remakes in this long-running series.

#28: Ori
#26: Zelda: Windwaker

Both correct. As for #27, the hint I gave was quite specific, so maybe I can try to make it easier to pinpoint with an ample hint.

#27 - After paying $20 for the DLC and then defeating a big old statue, you unlock a new character type in multiplayer, though the difference is aesthetic only.
Hint 2 - It's a shooter.