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    < Flilix The entire Emoji Movie script: The world we live in. It's so wondrous, mysterious, even magical
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    < caffeinade posted something on Flilix's wall:

    Is this you?


    on 31 December 2018

    Kinda cute, not gonna lie.

    on 03 January 2019

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Flilix's wall:

    I like that avatar alot! It looks really innocent, even with those beady eyes.

    Thanks! He's a character from a comic book series.

    on 30 December 2018

    What comic book series? Almost looks like a Western interpretation of an Earthbound character.

    on 31 December 2018


    on 31 December 2018

    < caffeinade posted something on Flilix's wall:

    Hello Flilix.

    So, what's with the Avril obsession?

    Obsession? That sounds creepy...

    on 23 October 2018

    I don't even have her as my avy anymore

    on 23 October 2018

    We've known each other for a fair length of time, haven't we.
    We are in a Discord server together.

    You can deny it all day.

    on 24 October 2018

    Alright... I guess I have no choice... I will confess everything.

    I have been crazy about her since I was a kid. The walls of my room were full of posters and pictures of her. I listened to her music everyday - in fact, she was the only singer I listened to. I mean, why would I listen to someone else? No one could ever be as delightful, as flawless or as perfect as her.

    My obsession with her did not go away as I got older. On the contrary, I kept getting more and more fascinated everyday by her angelic voice, her gorgeous looks and her wonderful personality. When I was 16 years old, it got so bad that I needed to have her music playing 24 hours a day. Her sweet sweet voice sang me to sleep and woke me up. At school, I tried to wear my earphones as much as possible. However, I would get a lot of remarks from teachers for that. After a while, I just refused to take them out anymore - I didn't want a moment of my life to go by without Avril. I ended up getting kicked from school due to 'rebellious behaviour'. That upset me greatly, but Avril encouraged me to keep my head up.

    And then something strange happened... The song "I'm With You" was playing, and I heard her sing: "won't you take me by the hand; take me somewhere new; I don't know who you are; but I, I'm with you". That's when I realised that she needed me. Me and Avril, we belong together!

    I went home as quickly as possible, I collected my most important personal belongings (including my Avril CD collection, of course), and with the little bit of money that I found in my piggy bank, I bought a plane ticket to LA. As soon I landed there, I immediately started running to Sherman Oaks (where she lives). My heart was beating so fast... I couldn't wait to finally meet her, and perhaps spend the rest of my life with her! That's all I ever dreamed of.

    Unfortunately, when I finally arrived at her house, I was disappointed, to say the least. Instead of Avril, I saw two angry looking dudes wearing black clothes and sunglasses. They wouldn't let me in.

    It was almost like my dream was crushed into a thousand pieces. Luckily, I'm not someone who gives up easily. I managed to get a job as a servant of one of her neighbours. I get room and board here. I've been living here for over two years now, and whenever I get the chance, I stare at her house through my binoculars.

    I'm not with Avril yet, but I'm close, and I just know that one day, it will happen...

    One day she'll be mine...

    on 24 October 2018

    Oh, dude: that's just wow.
    Look all of us are very supportive of your "love", and we want the best for you.
    Go Flilix!

    on 24 October 2018

    Thanks man. I appreciate that you're being so supportive. A lot of people don't understand me and think that I'm a creep, that's why I've never talked about it here.

    on 24 October 2018

    Stalking doesn't make you a creep. Being a creep makes one a creep.

    on 24 October 2018


    on 24 October 2018

    There's nothing wrong with your life choice either, AngryLittleAlchemist.

    on 24 October 2018

    But there ARE problems with your life choices, Rol.
    Don't you have a mod thread to raid?

    on 24 October 2018

    Oh did they bring the mod thread back?

    on 24 October 2018

    < JEMC posted something on Flilix's wall:

    Thanks for the friend request

    I saw your post on caff's wall, and noticed that we weren't friends yet either. :)

    on 19 October 2018

    Aye. It's one of those things you don't usually pay attention.

    on 19 October 2018

    Oh, we've got a party over here.

    Flilix, you poor thing.
    That wall isn't a safe place.

    on 23 October 2018

    Is there anywhere safe?

    on 23 October 2018

    Actually, no.

    on 23 October 2018

    I thought so.

    on 23 October 2018

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Flilix's wall:

    I don't need this, I still have 6 hairs left.

    on 10 October 2018

    Those aren't hairs, they're ear whiskers.

    on 11 October 2018

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