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< cycycychris posted something on Mnementh's wall:

Congrats at joining the 10k club, keep up the good work!

Ah thanks. Now I am officially an VGC-addict.

on 12 May 2019

< TruckOSaurus posted something on Mnementh's wall:

It's a shame that both guys who took your bet aren't around anymore to suffer the humiliation of defeat.

Hehehe, yeah. I should update my sig, but I'm too lazy.

on 26 September 2018

< Cerebralbore101 posted something on Mnementh's wall:

Added you to my friend's list on Nintendo Switch.

Thanks, I added you back. A few weeks now, then we can go hunting.

on 27 July 2018

I've decided I'm getting MHGU. Review scores were not as harsh as I though they'd be. I only have a couple hours to hunt tomorrow, due to work, but Wed and Thurs I'll be hunting all day.

on 28 August 2018

This week might be bad for me with time, the next two weeks are better. I'll tune in anyway, because MonHun. But I realized you're american, I'm european, so we can probably only meet for m very late and for you earlier the day. Dunno which side of the States you are, how much the time-zone difference is.

on 28 August 2018

< The_Liquid_Laser posted something on Mnementh's wall:

I started Etrian Odyssey 2 today. I am already really digging it. It feels like old school Wizardry but with lots of improvements. It's cool.

2? It never came to Germany. Imported? Or the Remake, Untold (Fafnir Knight)? And I'm happy you like it.

on 29 January 2018

I'm playing the remake, Untold (Fafnir Knight).

on 29 January 2018

Yes, this I have bought but need still to play.

on 29 January 2018

< Majin-Tenshinhan posted something on Mnementh's wall:

Thanks for the info! I've studied some French but wasn't aware German was gendered too. Kind of funny that they have the exact opposites on words like that, too :)

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The 10th Annual Greatest Games Event - Discussion Thread: DAY #23

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Alex_The_Hedgehog said: #25 - The second episode in this FPS series has a very memorable (and insane) villain. Handsome Jack. I mean Borderlands 2. :-) ...

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The 10th Annual Greatest Games Event - Discussion Thread: DAY #23

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Flilix said: S.Peelman said: #31: Sonic 2 #27: Wii Sports? #31 is correct! #27 is not. You still have to push buttons on all of these Wii games. Mnementh said: #30 Splatoon #26: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (there is a surprising amount of swedish games by the way) #25: Yookah Laylee and the impossible lair EDIT: #28 might be Elebits #30 is...

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The 10th Annual Greatest Games Event - Discussion Thread: DAY #23

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Flilix said: #31Hint 1: Second and probably the most well-known game in this classic franchise.Hint 2: The franchise is getting a movie soon.#30Hint 1: You can play a mini game while you wait.Hint 2: 4 vs 4 multiplayer game.#28Hint 1: Pick up objects to throw at your opponent or to hit them.Hint 2: The first two stages are the kitchen and the garden.#27Hint 1: Since this game wants to...


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Favourite Games: Pikmin, Starcraft, Battle for Wesnoth, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Metroid: Other M, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Monster Hunter

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