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I did a green keeper apprentice and went on to stay at my job for 9 years. A new general manager came along and let me go.
I ended up going to the unemployment office to get the ball rolling on how to find new work but you can't enrol in their system unless you recieve new start allowance.
8 weeks later I started working as a school cleaner having little pricks mock you and you can't say a word back. I constantly kept my eyes open on the job ads, and evently, I landed a fifo job that completely changed my life.
It was a hard role, train to Sydney, plane to Brisbane, plane to Port Moresby and then with 21 days of 12hr shifts on, 7 days off at home. I'll never forget coming home from the first trip and checking the atm at Brisbane airport.
You just gotta keep your eyes open and be willing to take any the chance.

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I don’t know where you are in the world lol but in my experience the trades generally have work. I’m in the commercial/industrial Flat roofing industry and we cannot find enough roofers. This trade pays well because it kind of sucks( lots of work in harsh conditions) but it’s the only place I’ve seen people that never went to school or have a grade 3 education make 100k a year. Those are the guys that work hard, understand the trade and know how to lead a crew but even skilled roofers can make 80k a year easy.

Yeah I know it’s not accounting but it sounds like you may be a little desperate now. Maybe you should even consider relocating, why is that not an option?

Back when I was a bum - in my early 20s

Had no ambition and no path in life at the time - and was stuck playing MMOs with a bunch of randoms I knew for years

I went through pharmacy school, respiratory therapy, etc but didn’t work out at all - i don’t mix well with the medical field especially what I am doing involves affecting other people’s life literally and directly.

No job, no post high school education, no relationship, no money - and was living the lifestyle of a bum for first half of my 20s (18 and 19 too) - I was destined for to be a low wage worker

People from all circles looked down on me, whether it was church, family, etc

It wasn’t until I was 25 I decided to change and wanted to better myself and prove everyone who looked down on me wrong.

A friend suggested I go and study computers or IT since despite being a bum , I had a lot of computer knowledge from all the changes I made to my PC over the years to improve my gaming experience.

It also involved me fixing some issues that involved the registry , physical parts - so I was told to go for IT since I had some experience.

Best thing I did because now I have a full fledged college degree (bachelors), a career in IT, married, moved to my dream house and money isn’t really a big issue aside from some loan payments lol

Not bad for a person who was the grandson of a woman who started picking rice from rice fields for about th equivalent of $5 a day.


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Get a job as a security guard.

Nah, I was born with a job.

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I did. Twice, in fact.

The first time, the Luxembourgish Government came to rescue. They have a program where they put people wo have a very hard time to get a job into a work group, generally under the local government, and have to make the same works than them: picking up trash, de-icing the walkways, cutting the hedges, trimming the lawn and picking up the fallen leaves of communal terrain (like in parks or graveyards, for instance). You still have to present yourself at the employment office once a month and work with them to find a final job, though. You get paid minimum wage, but unlike the jobless minimum income you don't have to pay it back afterwards since you certifiably worked for your money.

Then, I emigrated to the Philippines to marry my wife, and had a hard time finding a work there. Different language aside, the employment culture was radically different and that made it very hard to find a job there.

So my solution was to look for a job online, and I did a short while ago. Now I'm a Luxembourger in the Philippines working for a French company making English and German translations.

So my question to you, dark Lord, is this one: What skills do you have? Accounting is something that could in theory be done from home, so how about trying that in the meanwhile?

Have you tried Freelancer? I found work through this website, so maybe it's worth a try for you, too. There are other similar websites, so if you can't find work on one maybe try the next one.

Since you went through all the higher education, maybe you can reverse it and teach what you learned to other people through a Platform like Skillshare or Udemy? Accounting a rather crowded field and you need some video editing skills for the teaching videos, but it can be worth a try.

And my final advice: Don't give up. That's not worth it. You can see for yourself here, you can get help and advice everywhere, you just need to have the guts to ask and do away with your pride, but you will feel better afterwards.

I was unemployed for a full year.
A good advice to give young people is that they shall keep their education, but enter the market either while on college or as soon as they finish. Do the extra courses and specializations after depending on your job instead of becoming over qualified but unexperienced.

You can always try to open your own business as well.

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Yes when i first started working,i moved from my parents house to a hired appartment and at that time i was much more impulsive so that is not a great asset to have as an autist but the end of my relationship caused me to fall into depression(also has to do with the damn autism) and i stupidly stopped going to work.

Pemalite said:

Yeah. Not falling for your pity party if that is what you are hoping, there is tons of work available.

Everything you have complained about is essentially your own fault, starting being proactive, take charge of your own life, get professional help.

I must agree with you on this.

The complaining he does is highly used to get attention and he somehow uses that to justify his state of being without feeling the need to better his situation and that is shown in how he rarely seems to take in our comments personal but sees us as a collective and responds mostly as talking to a collective.

I do really wish him the best but it would be nice if he removes the wall between himself and the public so the info needed to help himself with can reach him in first place.

mZuzek said:
Pemalite said:

Plus he refused to work certain jobs as he believed they were "beneath him". - At the end of the day... A job is a job, you have to start from the bottom and work your way up... Doesn't matter what that job is, get your hands dirty, sit at a desk all day... Doesn't matter... It beats sitting on the dole and stagnating in life.

Start from the bottom, work your way up, Shit. I left home with only the shirt on my back, no money, only year 10 high-school, no experience, no house or car...

Well then, of course you didn't think any job was "beneath" you, since you didn't have a degree in the first place. It's easier to "start from the bottom" when you're already there in the first place - when you dedicate several years of your adult life to studying, though, it's only reasonable to expect a decent job in the area of work you've specialized in.

See, for me personally, I don't really mind doing random design stuff for my parents, just like I wouldn't mind working at some retailer or something similarly "lowly". However, if it has to do with music, I'm definitely not taking anything, I want something that fits me and/or will make me learn new things to improve my own skills. That's normal.

What about if you're in a situation where you need to make money, and it's either such a music related job, or unemployment?

You can pick up a job just for the money, while advancing your search for a job that better suits you.
In fact, a problematic paradox with job applications is that employers will often view people who are already employed as more desirable.

Personally I think I've been pretty lucky when it comes to jobs. Whenever I went in for a job interview, I've ended up getting the job.
I've also been unemployed at times, but that was by choice.