How much sleep do you need?

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5 hours it's enough for me.

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2-4 is plenty for me.



Cobretti2 said:
2-4 is plenty for me.

I wish I only needed that much sleep.

5.5-7 hours. I'd like to get eight a night, but I can't get to sleep before 1am, and I wake up around 7:30-8 most days so it doesn't give me much room for more.

A ton. But a lot of it is stress induced with a lack of routine. If I got a paper to do, its unfeasible to sleep at the correct time, if I got an exam tomorrow (in fact I do...) then I lose some sleep doing homework and making sure my studies are up to date. So after a day like that, even with 8 hours of sleep, I usually fall asleep again for 2-3 hours after classes. On sundays after 2 full nights of sleep I usually only need 6-7 hours.

Obviously depends on the day thus an average is needed so I suppose 9.5 hours.

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More than I get.
I'm weird. I feel more tired when I sleep 9 hours than when I sleep 5. Difference being, when I sleep 5 hours I'm really tired early in the night, but if I sleep 9 hours I can stay up all night... but I always stay up late anyway, so I try to sleep more than 5 hours

Unlike today...

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Way more than I get.

Dammit. Slarvax totally copied me.

Irrelevant. I get as little as I want until my body asks for more. It's a symbiotic relationship.

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8-9 hours.

If I need to wake I'll wake, doesn't matter if I've had 8 hours or 2 hours, when that alarm goes off I'll get up for work, I've done a 12 hour day on 2 hours sleep after a 8 hour day before with little to no impact on people loving me at my job.

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