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The Future of the Vita is ?

The Vita's best days are still to come. 15 6.10%
I love the game selection... 49 19.92%
Sony has abandoned the Vita years ago. 182 73.98%

When the Vita was 1st released back in 2011, Sony hailed it as the greatest handheld system to ever be released. Since then the Vita has seen its share of ups and down when it comes to game releases. With a laser focus on Indie titles, the Vita has benn the home for small studios all over to release their games at will. We've seen a few gems here and there, along with some classic titles for the ages. However, gamer's have been clamoring for big name AAA titles for years now. GTA, Metal Gear Solid & Gran Turismo for starters. But Sony seems comfortable enough to stay steady with focus on a combination of Indie titles and a solid AAA title every now and then. 

The Vita is an awesome piece of hardware, but as we all know, the sales of the Vita compared to the 3DS is what you can call a slaughter. 

1) Will Sony ever switch focus from small Indie titles to a more heavy focus of big name AAA titles ?

2) Will we ever see a AAA GTA, Metal Gear Solid or Gran Turismo on the Vita ?

3) Are you happy with what the Vita has done in the past 5 years ? What are your thoughts ?

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Future of vita... Is this a joke thread?

As long as they continue releasing games at the same time as PS4 it could be good.

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"the greatest handheld system to ever be released"
and you think nintendo was delusional with the wii u



We reap what we sow

I'm afraid Sony has abandoned it years ago. 3rd parties still release stuff because the system saw moderate sucess in japan. But they are all low profile games. There's really not much that can be done at this point. Sony prefers to waste resources on their latest fads.

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I don't think its future will be much different than what it is now. Its now a portable gaming device aimed at fans of indie/retro-ish content and niche Japanese stuff.

I'm actually a big fan of the Vita and I have at least 25 physical games for it (many more digitally). Frankly, it didn't live up to what we wanted but I have no regrets about buying one.

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only in Japan

the vita is the best peripheral ever

The future of, what now?

Vita is done, it is continually loosing support for applications, and Sony is slowly draining it of features. It is not getting any updates to tie it into the new PSN like PS4 and the smartphone apps.

The future of Sony handhelds I think is very interesting though. I believe we will see Sony release a handheld/phone hybrid in the next couple of years. It will be fully compatible with all of the PS4 ecosystem. This will give it a huge bank of applications and games from day one, and not require it to sell blazes out of the gate.

With Kaz sayong smartphones are lacking in innovation, and Sony trying to create its own OS and Ecosystem with PS4 and PSN, I think the writing is on the wall, and they want to slowly exit the current smartphone market, and try to innovate their way into the next wave of mobile craze.

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