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Genuinely sad at this.  

The longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th century.  The first and only woman Prime Minister of the UK and the last great conviction politician. 

From humble beginnings to the greatest post war Prime Minister, a point amplified ever since as every Prime Minister that has followed has come nowhere near her.

Cured the "sick man of Europe" and shaped my and many others life.  I'm proud to say I am one of "Thatchers children"

Divisive? Yes. But single minded, strong and possibly the last politician to actually stick to principals and not play to the media and "popular" opinion.

I'm not really here!

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Sad :( She'll definitely be remembered through history- although often not for the nicest of things

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R.I.P.      We need more like her these days.


RIP. I'm really sad at this, she was the greatest prime minister UK had since WWII.

A great woman, and an extraordinary Prime Minister.

I feel like she took us firmly off the path towards larger, less controllable government and towards a freer and more enterprising society, but even if you dislike her policies you have to admire her character. She gave everything to her country; she would sleep three hours a night rather than leave any work undone; she never stopped fighting for what she believed was right.

A very sad day. RIP.

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Although you're wrong about her being the only woman PM, unless you mean UK only.

pezus said:

Although you're wrong about her being the only woman PM, unless you mean UK only.

Of course that's what I meant.

I'm not really here!

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I didn't agree with alot of what she did but she sorted out the crisis of the 70's when Labour chose to do nothing really to help. She is the greatest Conservative PM there ever will be. The greatest PM post war will always be Clement Atlee, because of the NHS and because he helped Britain's economy recover from WW2. But it is sad that she is gone, she was an icon of the era. We need more strong leaders like her. RIP

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For me, she, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel (there are more of course) are examples of great women who are not afraid to 'infiltrate' the ranks of men and outperform them at their job.

Rest in peace.

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Really really sad news. I've always been a huge supporter of hers.

What's irritating now is that a bunch of imbeciles on my Facebook feed are writing "haha she's dead yeahhh!" or "bye bye thatcher! :D" and if I were to ask 99% of them why they hated her they'd be like "uhhhhhh...". Cretins!