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Forums - Sales Discussion - Black Friday Grudge Match PS3 vs 360 Who Will Sell More In North America?!

I think that M$ did the job and sent more X360 to stores.

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bat-ON said:

Do you loose your memory ???

Remember NPD : PS3 wins September and crush 360
PS3 wins October and crush 360

Why the hell with so many interesting bundles can you imagine that 360 will beat the ps3 on BF ?

No way, and the monster gap will be soon filling with the tears of fanboys...

because the 360 has been ahead in NA the last 2 weeks and as we get closer to christmas the $200 arcade becomes more of a factor.  The 360 has bundles too.  I'm not saying 360 will be ahead, i don't really know but there are plenty of valid reasons to believe it will happen.

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I agree with whatever BHR-3 says, because he's never wrong.

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Take my love, take my land..

Simulacrum: What is it ?

you know i'll base my predictions offof whats happened the past 2 months, ps3 won those soo.. ps3 wins the rest of the year for me aswell.

donsterydo2 said:
Simulacrum: What is it ?

Its my prediction for Black Friday week.



Take my love, take my land..

kowenicki said:
Kantor said:
I agree with whatever BHR-3 says, because he's never wrong.

but he hasnt said....  

I know.

Sigh. Fine, I'll predict.

Xbox 360, but only slightly. PS3 WW.

(Former) Lead Moderator and (Eternal) VGC Detective