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Forums - Sales Discussion - Black Friday Grudge Match PS3 vs 360 Who Will Sell More In North America?!

NA - 360
WW - PS3

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NA - PS3
WW - PS3

idiots... who else has Black Fri? If you're going to complain about it not being world wide gtfo of the thread. The 360 will take this easy. They not only mostly sold out they sent far more consoles to stores... the PS3 to 360 ratio had to be horrible and for a interesting tid bit the Elite was selling better than the Arcade at our store untill it sold out completely. I was hoping that some games like Halo 3 would be in the 15 or 9 dollar bin... but alas nothing... though MW1 was 25 bucks. The 360 should take this week... Sony would have had to have a strong showing early in the week to keep it close

I don't wanna bet against BHR since we all witnessed how he wiped the floor with his Uncharted 2 predictions. But somehow it feels like 360 has done the job of holding on to number 2 in the USA.

Not by enough to take the world though.

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i say PS3 and BHR-3 watcha saying?? lol install base in this case doesnt matter unless peeps who alrdy have 360 wanna buy it again??

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At first i was sure it will be x360.

But after reading the front page I'd say PS3 is gonna take this week in NA.


ps3 no doubt

It will be close but I am rooting for the PS3 so PS3 it is.

Do you loose your memory ???

Remember NPD : PS3 wins September and crush 360
PS3 wins October and crush 360

Why the hell with so many interesting bundles can you imagine that 360 will beat the ps3 on BF ?

No way, and the monster gap will be soon filling with the tears of fanboys...

PS3 will win in NA, I guarantee it.


1) Blu-Ray becoming relevant with competitive prices and triple packs (DVD, BR, digital copy).

2) Several months of heavy advertising.

3) The statistics. No more games will push 360 over PS3 with MW2 out for a couple weeks now.

4) Teh CELL!

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