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    dirkd2323 Killzone 3 is my new fav game. The best FPS to date, and oh boy is it a blast with the PS move.
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    BioShock chief tells Play why Infinite won’t support Move…

    in Sony Discussion on 22 March 2011

    I dont buy it, Screw these guys to, Bioshock is a fps, If the move can work as good as it did on KZ3, it was brilliant, then It can work that well on Bioshock. Some developers just dont have what it takes, they dont like the challenge, or it could be that they dont want the experience to be better on PS3 then 360, these are the real issues. ...

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    *My 1st Impression of Move after play*

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 September 2010

    Holly Shit, Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3 in January of 2011,  ...

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    Its time to admit it. PS3 will NEVER overtake 360.

    in Sales Discussion on 07 July 2010

    Never say never, 360 has a year plus head start and is only ahead 5 million units, The last few months PS3 has had a shortage of units, or more would of been sold. Since PS3 slim has come out over 1 year ago, PS3 has pretty much smacked the 360 in sales, for awhile even in America, so yah the last 6 months the 360 has sold 5-10 thousand more units a week, big deal, PS3 has been above 360 on sales...

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    Are Sony's 1st Party Studios Leading The Way?

    in Sony Discussion on 06 July 2010

    I agree , Sonys first party developers are down right Amazing, and they don't get enough credit, What they have been able to do with the PS3 is just Amazing, I own a 360 , its also a great console, with great games, but that being said, they 360 does not have one title that competes with Killzone 2 -3 , Uncharted 2 , Infamous 2 , GOW 3 , GT 5, Heavy Rain, MGS4 , MAG , these are all games a few...

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    The Official Playstation Move Thread

    in Sony Discussion on 25 June 2010

    Hell yah, PS move I can not wait, and yes it works with Killzone 3, LBP1 and 2 , there will also be a patch for Killzone 2 , i can't wait !!!!!!...

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    Check out these consoles!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 June 2010

    pretty cool, these guys must have a lot of time on there hands, me I would rather spend that time gaming...

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    MS: 360 can match PS3's 3D capabilities!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 June 2010

    MS can say what ever they want, we will see, Also its not that the PS3 can't handle, or has a hard time handeling 1080p games, its the cost, developers don't want to spend the extra money, thats all it is....

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    Sony On Kill Streak May Be Unloading All Guns At This Years E3

    in Sony Discussion on 05 June 2010

    I agree Sony is on Fire, they have the best game library coming , they mean business, PS3 will be on top for the rest of this gen....

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    Any PS3 owners here planning to play KZ3, GT5 in 3D?

    in Sony Discussion on 30 May 2010

    I am getting those games for sure, I just bought a 50 inch LG LED 240 htz 1080p TV that I love, but I was looking at the new Sharp, they have new technology that no one has , all other TVs shoot 3 colore, red , blue , green, The new Sharp shoots 4 colors they add a yellow in the mix, and the picture is unreal, so anyone looking for a new tv, look at the new Sharps that shoot the 4 colors, I...

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    Intel or AMD?

    in PC Discussion on 30 May 2010

    I have always stuck with Intel, but One thing I have always thought to be strange is why MS that owns Intel has a IBM processor in there xbox 360, I think that is strange, you would think they would put there own processor in there console.   I have a Intel Pentium Duel core Processor in my Labtop with 4 gigs of ram, and I love it, The Labtop runs smoking fast, I can have tons of different...

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    They Call Themsel HardCore Gamer

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 May 2010

    We are all gamers, some more Hardcore then others, Have respect for All gamers, thats why they make so many different games, because there are so many different players. I consider myself Hardcore, I own over 60 games between my PS3 and 360, and thats not counting PS1, PS2, N64, SuperNintendo, PSP, etc. I also play a minimum of 3 hours a day, more on Weekends, and Hold a full time job, and I am...

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    Infamous 2 is real ! "leaked" on a gaming mag!

    in Sony Discussion on 29 May 2010

    Infamous 2 is a must buy for me. Loved Infamous 1, and the power you can download for free from PSN is one of the best of all, check it out if you have not yet, Its great...

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    How is PS3 stock in your area?

    in Sales Discussion on 29 May 2010

    I live in Northern California, You can't find a PS3 anywhere, I look at Target, Kmart, Walmart, The game store, Best Buy, as soon as they get a few in, they fly out, Thank God my 3 year old 40 gig fat has never given me a problem, and is still going strong. I use my PS3 for everything, Gaming is its number 1 job, but then I use it for Netflix, Blurays, DVDs, It gets so much use its crazy. But If...

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    Alan Wake will be HUGE!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 May 2010

    Alan Wake, I bought it, and its the worst game I have ever waisted my money on. The graphics do not look like those pics, 360 version looks nothing like PC version, I had very high hopes for the game, its boaring and so repedative, I can not believe it was in development for 6 years. It had such high hopes, all you do is use your flashlight to burn the darkness off of 1 enemy , all enemies look...

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    After years as a PS3 troll, I am now a PS3 owner!

    in Sony Discussion on 28 May 2010

    Welcome to the PS3 family, you will enjoy lots ...

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    Ex-Microsoft Studio Boss: 'Natal Will Fail'

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 May 2010

    I hate to say it, but I agree, I don't think Natal is going to do well....

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    If your a trophy whore welcome to my thread

    in Sony Discussion on 28 May 2010

    Whats up man, I will add you when I get home from work, I can always use more trophies !!...

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    First Killzone 3 footage?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 May 2010

    Looks really good, I am not getting any sound though ...

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    Killzone 3 Alpha Build vs Killzone 2 Screenshot Comparison

    in Sony Discussion on 28 May 2010

    For Killzone 3 being in Alpha state, it looks as good as Killzone 2 , that is incredable , This is my number 1 game I can't wait for , right along with Uncharted 3, ...

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    Who would win this fight?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 May 2010

    My Man Kratos !!...

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