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ZenfoldorVGI said:
outlawauron said:
ZenfoldorVGI said:
Also, know this.

I hope this game makes you all shite your pants, sell Demon's Soul(which you WILL do anyway, because most of you aren't going to like it, btw) and buy it immediately, because it's so damn good.

Do I have to say it again? I've already beaten the import and I'm rebuying the game to play with my American friends.

And why the hell does everyone have to like a certain game or series.

Yes, Zelda.

Then, I guess I'm just a no good casual gamer. I can't keep up with the elite such as yourself.

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zone16 said:
I'm not interested because I hate the medieval theme. Imo those were the most boring times in human history. I am really not sure why do developers insist on making almost every WRPG out there medieval themed.

You're kidding rite? The medieval times were absolutely the best times in human history from a cultural/romantic/fictional/narrative perspective. Even more games should be set in the medieval times.

I gotta agree with slime here. The medieval times are one of my favorite periods, not only for games, but for books and movies as well. The time period works really well for RPGs too.

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Bioware>>>>>>>>>>>>>.any FF

Baldur's Gate is one of the best games ever made in history imo Console RPG's game play is very shallow compare to top PC RPGs.

ZenfoldorVGI said:
darthdevidem01 said:
ZenfoldorVGI said:
Train wreck said:
Not I, I am waiting on Demon Souls.

Demon Souls > EA

Bioware > Demon Souls > EA


When we get right down to it:

Fallout 3 > Bioware > Demon Souls > EA



I've vastly excited for Dragon Age. VASTLY.

Final Fantasy > Bioware > EA (Sims & so on > Demon's Souls imo) > Demons souls


Glad to see MORE people interested......I hope it doesn't get lost int he holiday barrage of titles!

Granted sir.


Also outlaw isn't a big Zelda fan.

Epic fail in credibility right there.

That's like being a cigar effecianado and not being a big fan of Cuba.

+ 500 respect for zenfolder

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Darth you convinced me to get this game over demon souls. Given I was going to blindly purchase demon souls.

Also people stop hating on EA! They changed (and now are making a net loss)



lol no problem......I myself was SHOCKEd by how good & cool this Dragon age Origins game looked!

But as you said that outlawauron's going to kill me now!!

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darthdevidem01 said:

lol no problem......I myself was SHOCKEd by how good & cool this Dragon age Origins game looked!

But as you said that outlawauron's going to kill me now!!

Pssh, you having nothing to fear. Bioware is the king and also Canadian!


Can someone please post a video of the game being played on a console? I can't, for the life of me, find one! And I'll probably buy it for my PS3, but I'd like to be sure about the console version before doing it. It's either the console version or nothing at all.

I've abandoned PC gaming for a while now. The only real exception is Civilization 4 BEY, which I've been playing regularly ever since I bought Civ4 in 2003 or 2004. xD

^ PC game play and console game play is different. Especially things like how far you can zoom out and how you control the character. I think console is mostly 3rd personish, and PC you can see the entire field of battle if you want. The ability controls are similar to Sacred 2 I think.