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I'd rather it not. Some hardcore exclusives on the Wii need to stay, selling well or badly.

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786_ali said:
City17 said:
786_ali said:
The problem with Madworld is that it's neither here nor there, as it is not hardcore enough to appeal to the players of HD-consoles meanwhile it's not casual enough to draw in the demographic of the wii.

Plus, it's really outdated for the HD consoles. I mean, black and white? :P


It looks like a hellovalot of fun to me!

It may be fun but commercial success is what the companies consider. Not many people will buy those games after negative reviews and, in the ps3's case, an already packed 2009 lineup



Wait, are you talking about MadWorld?

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No and no.

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Meanwhile, buy a Wii

XiaoMay said:

buy a Wii guy



I fully intended to exclusively to play this game. After its release and paying attention  to what was said by respected VGChartz members I put it off for now.

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i hope so, the art style would look amazing with more resolution.

i do have a wii, but thats whats held me back on buying it. looks like a shame at that res.

the wii aint for hardcore beautiful games :)

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City17 said:

Do you think that Madworld will be made available for the PS3 and XBOX360?

If so do you think it would sell well?

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No and no.

No and no. Short and sweet.