Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will Madworld come to the HD twins?

Do you think that Madworld will be made available for the PS3 and XBOX360?

If so do you think it would sell well?

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No and no.

No madworld would flop on the HD consoles

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I hope it does though. first of all so we can shut up all the arguments that it would sell better on one of the HD twins. then secondly, I think Madworld deserves every additional sale.

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I was actually going to go pick up a Wii so I could play it. Somewhere between the release vibe for this game and being hopelessly addicted to Warzone I got derailed.

I would still very much like to play this game.

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If anything I can only see PS2 fast port.


They would have to start from scratch in order to make a game with the graphical standard HD gamers expect , for that reason I think that Madworld will never make an apearance on any HD console (maybe iterations will)

A PS2 port would be possible though.

No and NO

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no and no



Samus Aran said:
No and no.

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