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No and No, but I'd like to see a graphically updated version.

Not a 360 fanboy, just a PS3 fanboy hater that likes putting them in their place ^.^

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shinyuhadouken said:
No and No, but I'd like to see a graphically updated version.

Gaming > graphics IMHO!  But polish is always nice.  I like some gritty looking games fine though!


C'mon Sega, you should give these HD gamers a taste of MadWorld. While you're at it, be a peach and downscale Valkyria Chronicles to the Wii!

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No i doubty it will but it sure would be cool. And second i think it would sell alot better on the HD platforms but i doubt it would sell enought to warrant an additional port.

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HD consoles aren't capable of displaying black and white.

No and no. They already said initial sales were encouraging. And legs seem consistent.

idk...but it would probably sell ok as an xbla game, if its any good.

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Galaki said:
HD consoles aren't capable of displaying black and white.

LOL  I'm not so sure I agree with you on that


As many people have said:

1) No.

2) No.

Let me explain.

1) I doubt MadWorld will make a profit, even as a Wii game. To then go into a $20 million PS360 game would be financial suicide. Nobody likes a port (with the exception of Zelda fans and RE fans, apparently). It would take at least another year and a half to change it from motion sensing to analog sticks, and it would kind of destroy the point of the game.

2) As I said, people don't like ports. Particularly not a port that has been rushed and badly made (as a MadWorld port would be). Perhaps it would sell a little better first week than the Wii version on the PS3 and 360. But it still wouldn't cross 500k on either system, while I think the Wii version (with Wii legs) has a shot at Zack and Wiki level sales.

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