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it's all relative. Comparing to all Mario games, Sunshine might be a "bad" Mario game. However, comparing to all games, there is no bad Mario game.

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I don't think it's part of the main story, but I played a mario game on the gameboy (mario land?) and it was just a morbidly terrible experience :x

And while I hated some of the things sunshine tried to do to the series, it just made it worse of a mario game, but still a good game overall o.O;;; So I guess that doesn't really count.

Other than that gameboy one I can't say I've ever disliked a Mario game.

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arsenal009 said:
Mario Sunshine was crap.



Cause you have no taste and suck at the game, I bet your still can't beat it.

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c03n3nj0 said:
I haven't played a Mario game that I hated, but so far Sunshine is my least favorite.

Yup I didn't like Mario Sunshine much either


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New! Super Mario Bros. is horrible.

It's not just a bad Mario game, it's a bad game period. 6/10 if even that.

It's the 2nd worst game I've bought for the DS.




YesWiiCan said:
arsenal009 said:
Mario Sunshine was crap.



Cause you have no taste and suck at the game, I bet your still can't beat it.


Not really.  In fact, i thought most games on Gamecube were crap.  Giving a franchise better graphics & making it harder while not really giving me a new way to play doesn't attract me at all.  And by looking at Gamecube sales compared to Wii sales it looks like i'm in the majority. 

New IPs were cool like Pikmin.  But games like Sunshine, Mario Kart, Smash Bros were a waste of my time, been there done that.  Even out of the Wii versions, i only really like Mario Kart.  My funnest stages in galaxy are the ones where use only motoin controls, & the parts where ur using the IR were kinda cool too.

Just cause i don't like the same crap u do doesn't mean i have no taste.  Not even a boy would tell a girl she has no taste if she prefers dolls over action figures.  Ur statement is beyond childish.

mario in time..... or that mario teaches typing thing... there were quite few bad mario PC games .... there was a video list out there somewhere whith clips from each... some were truly awful

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