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Why would I defend the Wii... did it ever need to be defended ??? I´m not going to be the small weak guy trying to come off as a hero protecting the huge girl that could crush anybody anyway...

Yeah a good WRPG would be great... also the controlles would be great for a Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape style game... I just don´t think the good WRPG makers see the Wii as their target audience ATM... but sooner or later someone is bound to make a good one that fits the Wii and its audience...




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I don't care about other popular fighting games if I have smash bros.

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llewdebkram said:
Wii owners don't need realistic car racing games.

We are all big boys who can drive and afford our own nice cars rather than having to pretend.



You could have realistic looking cars on last-gen systems and for some reason, people are like "OH MY GOSH GRAN TURISMO 5 LOOKS AMAZING" even though it looks like Burnout 3 on PS2.

I really think the Wii already excels in fighting and horror games...

As for Sim Racing, hockey, and flight games...yeah, lacking in those areas. Flight games, I think there will be a Pilotwings for the Wii. And I think Sky Crawlers might come over eventually. Pretty lacking in sim racers though. Hockey...well, no one cares about hockey :P (sorry, stof).

Unfortunately you need the W to get a WRPG, and a lot of W's would rather perish, it seems, than make games for Wii

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mabye some day the wii will satisfy all the people that are already satisfied with their 360s and ps3s...

A good Star Fox game may fit the bill of aerial combat nicely.


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Horror games have no problem on the wii.

Car racing sims? I doubt it but who knows. The same for flisght sims.

WRPGS? well western developers are too damn proud to make games for the wii so no I don't think so. Maybe one in the future.

Fighting games, the wii has many but the big ones (tekken, soul calibur, street fighter). IU do believe that sooner or later we'll se one of two of them coming to the wii. I think is unevitable.

Hockey games? I think that EA is developing one isn't?

And well I doubt we'll see "realistic" games on the wii because it's philosophy is fun over realism. Which is fine with me in must of cases. I would love to see Resident evil 5 on the wii, though =(

Wii has no philosophy with regard to realism...

Nintendo does, but Wii as a product doesn't. Wii has a philosophy of graphics being "good enough", and it has a family, social philosophy. But realism is just as possible as it was with all the last gen systems.

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Guilty Gear: Accent Core is on the Wii, Tusanoku vs Capcom is importable for those outside of Japan.

I have one too many horror games, RE:UC is scarier than the ones I have, I don't even remember their names, they sucked that bad.

Racing... Cruisn... never mind - wasn't Ferrari Challenge released on the Wii?

The only thing I'm upset about though is the lack of Devil May Cry on my Wii, I enjoyed that game - granted No More Heroes was better in most regards but Devil May Cry still had it's own style, it's a bloody shame Capcom was more interested in Chop til you drop.

At this point though, I've been waiting for Gravity to make a move on the Wii platform, they have been in position to do it since spring 2007, I honestly wouldn't be too shocked about it, right now I believe they are in a race to the finish line with Nexxon (I believe thats how it's spelling goes) to provide a genre that hasn't appear on the Wii platform yet.

However if I'm correct Nexxon is more in a position due to relations with Nintendo to go 2nd party, if they do this their games may stay on DS for a while, which means no Gravity on Wii.

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