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It might be on it's way being the highest selling console of all time (it's my thread so I can say that), but it's pretty apparent that the Wii's software is generally in a different place than other consoles. And while I have no doubt there will always be lots of great games coming out for the system, you've got to wonder whether the Wii can hit all the genre bases.

It's quite clear that the Wii will have an awesome line up of RPG's throughout it's life, and I think that over time it'll amass a nice set of FPS's, platformers, party games and others. But I wanted to start this thread to talk about some of the other genres/sub-genres and whether the Wii will get suitable titles for them.

Sim Racing - The Wii has no GT, no Forza. It has some great arcade racers, but will it ever manage to have a top notch Sim Racer? Perhaps it's graphic and physics capabilities mean that it will never get such a game (at least not a good one), but with Sim Racing games selling well on HD consoles, will anyone be willing to take the risk with a top tier Wii sim racer?

Fighting - We've got Mortal Kombat, Castelvania and the uber smash game... um Smash bros, but what's next? Turtles Smash up is an obvious choice, but it is admitedly a sub genre of the fighter, a new genre that we can call a Smash Fighter. With Soul Calibur, Tekken and Street Fighter passing the Wii by, will the wii get it's solid fighting game? Forgive me if you think some of the Anime fighters fit the bill, as I really don't know much about them.

Note, This does not include boxing games, which the Wii will clearly have in spades (some spades better than others)

Survival Horror - Capcom used RE to show us just how well the genre could do and sell, but since then, few others have taken the chance (including Capcom). And even if Dead rising Wii is fun, it's a far cry from some dedicated and great games. Will Cursed Mountain be a fantastic game? Will Winter get a publisher? (and be a fantastic game)? or is a genre so dependent on graphics to create atmosphere always suffer on a less capable console?

Hockey - really man, where's the hockey games!?

Flight Combat game - Heatseaker sucked and Sky Crawlers is Japan only. Is there any Wii hope for aerial combat?


And I'm sure there are more genres I'll think of later.


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To survival horror camp add The Calling from Hudson Soft.

There are hokey games on wii. Namely NHL2K9 and a couple of wiiware ones. Don't ask me if they are any good...

Anyways, to answer your main question... I say yes they will all come eventually.

And if Sadness turns out to be something other that vaporware, that's one more for the survival horror.

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Cursed Mountain and Fatal Frame 4 are survival horror games that look good. It's inevitable that we'll see a real Resident Evil (I hope for a remake of 2) on Wii, so that genre seems to be doing very well on Wii. Especially if unknowns like The Calling, Sadness and Winter eventually are released.

I don't see a market for Sim racers on Wii for the simple fact that the fans of the genre demand the most realistic cars possible.

HAWX will also be on Wii in the flight combat genre.

Fighting: don't know. Maybe Capcom VS will be localized. We know Guity Gear is coming and the Dragonball games are doing well.

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I can see all of those except for sim racing, though the Fighting games will be problematic. The genre is dying a slow, slow death, and Street Fighter IV is only going to do so much to save it.

Fatal Frame 4? Cursed Mountain, a new RE will come to Wii for sure..

We got Ferrari Challenge which got mixed reviews unfortuantely..

Aeriel Combat? HAWX was rumoured to be coming to Wii but I'd wait for Star Fox for that

Also Winter has been getting publisher interest due to the petition so look for that in 2010


Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
Resident Evil Wii edition (Japan only so far)
Resident Evil 0 Wii edition (Japan only so far)
Cursed Mountain
Alone in the Dark
Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Dead Rising
Obscure: The Aftermath
Sadness (if it surfaces)

= lacking in Survival Horror? The Wii certainly has the best survival horror lineup of any 7th gen console

Wii owners don't need realistic car racing games.

We are all big boys who can drive and afford our own nice cars rather than having to pretend.


Question is if Wii really needs those ??? Within the next two years Nintendo can get pretty much any type of game they want... but I think the Wii controlls are just not made for certain types of games... not that they couldn´t work... just needs the right dev. team to do it... and since Nintendo is in no hurry they can wait till the devs come to them...