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Forums - Website Topics - LOL VGChartz is funded by Microsoft, and so if NeoGaf!


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That is quite funny.

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It was posted by some guy called Larry 007, so it must be true.

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The man raises some good points.

Too bad vgcharts doesn't exist anymore.

omg i laughed so fucking hard at this guys response to that topic!

I feel like a big idiot just being a playstation fan because of this kind of dumb fanboyed crap that gets posted in here.

how the f*** is Neogaf biased towards Sony, IT'S a FU**** message board, there are people that like Playstation and some don't. every message board is like this, even here , GODDAMMIT, why do the playstation fanboys have to be the really dumb ones. F***. I feel ashamed owning a PS2 and PSP because of this dumb crap people post. HOLY F***.

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I knew something about this place seemed fishy

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I knew it Microsoft paid VG Chartz! lol

That explains the recent 360 increase in sales!

It all makes sense now!

Oh Noes, someone on the internet doesn't like VGCharts/z. I'll bet ioi's terribly upset. Although at least he can cheer himself up by rolling around in the cash that MS paid him :P

For shame, ioi, for shame...