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Forums - Website Topics - LOL VGChartz is funded by Microsoft, and so if NeoGaf!

damn, can we get some of the fat cat cash ioi

come play minecraft @

minecraft name: hansrotec

XBL name: Goddog

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LOL, it all makes sense.

Yea right!

We all know Vgchartz is funded by Blue Bell.

Right now ioi is on the phone with Ballmer.

"Where's my muthafarkin' cheque, bee-otch!"

"The worst part about these reviews is they are [subjective]--and their scores often depend on how drunk you got the media at a Street Fighter event."  — Mona Hamilton, Capcom Senior VP of Marketing
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Wow, they really hate vgc on that site lol

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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So this site couldn't track a game that sold 6000 copies?...

Yep, this site is totally 100% biased.

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Maybe ioi is really Bill Gates....

I knew it!

Apparently VGC deflated 360 sales from 3k to 10k in the UK. Shame on them.

scottie said:
Oh Noes, someone on the internet doesn't like VGCharts/z. I'll bet ioi's terribly upset. Although at least he can cheer himself up by rolling around in the cash that MS paid him :P

Maybe that 50 million MS SAID they paid to R*,was really paid to ioi?