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Forums - Sales Discussion - NA numbers are up!

colonelstubbs said:
PS3 is still selling well, despite the nay sayers


hmm how quickly we get used to things ;)

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I do believe that Wii beat old december 2002 record of PS2 (2,9 millions sold according NPD).

fabinou said:
I do believe that Wii beat old december 2002 record of PS2 (2,9 millions sold according NPD).

It's 2.7 million actually and yes it should beat it.  Remember there is one more week, this week,  that NPD will track in December.


360 did a little better than I was predicting. I was expecting to PS3 to be atleast 200K guess I was wrong. 360 lead almost up to 8 million over PS3. Next year will be interesting to see if the lead could even hit 10 million.

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Zucas said:
bigjon said:
hey LOOK, only a 25% drop for the Wii and other consoles.... cant say I did not call that. : )


OMG did we call that badly haha.  But when you apply logic and reason to predictions, usually they turn out correct.  Good job dude.


 ya it seemed obvious, but people still thought we were wrong... lol. Maybe someday someone will listen. lol.

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Again, nice sales all around.

Huge DS sales and great Wii sales.

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Did Wii take the December record?

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Arius Dion said:
Did Wii take the December record?


 Yes! and December has one more week to go! (more like a half week though)

Damn nintendo.... it's not funny anymore. The same every week. Boring.

Just give me software numbers ;)