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    Your Switch GOTY... apart from Zelda and Odyssey

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 December 2017

    Splatoon 2. I absolutely loved the first one, and love the 2nd one as well! Met so many of my online friends, a couple of them I even met in real life due to that game. It is so much fun and continues to get better each week!...

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    Super Lucky's Tale gameplay - Xbox One X

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2017

    This is the first game to interest me on the X Box One. But I am not gonna get the system for one game. edit: Oh, I see it is coming to PC, I wonder how well it would work on my laptop. ...

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    Sexiest Nintendo man?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 May 2017

    Needs more Bowser.

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    ARMS will have free DLC charcter, stages, and arms post launch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 May 2017

    Very excited for ARMS now. Can't wait to play when it releases on my birthday! :3...

    Write 13

    Are you having the hots for Leon Kennedy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2017

    Kass is my husbando....

    Write 42

    Which Pokemon would you love to have as a pet?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 August 2015

    Machoke, Tyranitar, Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Buizel, Lucario. For cuddles. >.>...

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    Why did Sakurai decide to put Lucina and Robin in instead of just Chrom?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 April 2015

    I'm very glad Robin and Lucina are in over Chrom....

    Write 86

    Top ten most voted characters in the Smash Ballot

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 April 2015

    I voted Wolf. That was my most wanted character in the game before it was even announced. Wolf is the most unique semi-clone in Brawl. With 20 of his 23 moves being different from Fox's. I was crushed and extremely sad when Wolf was not in. Let's hope at least 3 more characters will get in after Mewtwo and Lucas. That would fill the 3DS character select screen perfectly. I really hope they do a...

    Write 101

    Why aren't more games being made for the 3DS?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 April 2015

    Yeah, it's pretty odd I'm not interested in any retail game currently for 3DS. Though I am looking forward to some digital only games. E3 should add 1 or 2 at least for me....

    Write 63

    Do you think we will see Metroid this E3?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 April 2015

    I would absolutely love to see a Metroid game announced. But I won't be expecting one as to not set myself up for disappointment....

    Write 52

    Rate your top ten 3DS RPG's.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 April 2015

    1. Pokemon Y 2. Pokemon X 3. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 4. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 5. Pokemon Omega Ruby and that's all the 3DS RPGs I own. lol...

    Write 80

    Did the April Fools Direct make up for the Zelda Delay?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2015

    Yes, the Direct was amazing. I am so excited. I was more upset over Zelda not being at E3 than it being delayed personally....

    Write 45

    SSB for WiiU/3DS: More DLC characters! We Pick, Let Nintendo Know Who We Want!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 April 2015

    The lack of Wolf in this topic disturbs me. :-( Getting all of my friends to vote Wolf....

    Write 87

    Leaked Nintendo Direct for April 1st

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2015

    spemanig said:Seriously guys, when has a Nintendo Direct ever leaked? Ever? I remember the February 2013Direct had like 3 or 4 still images leaked. They were all of Iwata wearing the Green Luigi hat, and Miyamoto had a vacuum. Then the next day was the Direct and they announced the Year of Luigi and Miyamoto was there with the vacuum being his silly self. lol So kinda never. lol...

    Write 87

    Leaked Nintendo Direct for April 1st

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2015

    Obviously fake. But man, I would really love for there to be a Bowser game in the future where he is the main character. Shame it'll probably never happen. Other things listed are very believable except maybe the Pokemon Ranger and possibly Star Fox. Star Fox will probably be unveiled at E3. Either way, I don't expect a Direct to happen until the 2nd-4th week of April....

    Write 43

    What do you want from Pokemon gen 7?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2015

    I really want a wolf, dolphin, and koala pokemon. My friends say Mightyena is a wolf, but it's definitely a hyena. That's even in its name! I would like at least 100-120 new species, with at least 15 old pokemon getting new evolutions, not just Mega Evolutions....

    Write 114

    SO, what will be the Wii U's Big Holiday/End of Year Game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 March 2015

    NX isn't even being formally announced until next year. Anyway, Star Fox will probably be November now. I would assume it would have been October, with Zelda obviously being in November, but it looks as if they can just push Star Fox back a month and still be right about it coming out first. There will most likely be at least one currently unknown game announced at this year's E3 that will...

    Write 3725

    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Announced for Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 March 2015

    It's pretty upsetting. I want it out this year so bad. But they should make it the best experience it can be. I'm hoping by March 31st 2016 then....

    Write 84

    Rumor: GTA V was once prototyped for Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 March 2015

    I would gladly buy it a 3rd time if it came on Wii U. I love the game that much....

    Write 68

    Rumor (Reddit) Paper Mario:TTYD 3D?! How Do You Feel About it if True? (N3DS Exclusive?)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 March 2015

    I think it is fake. I do love TTYD though, it's my favorite Paper Mario game by far. I would love for PM and PM:TTYD to be remade on Wii U or the next console on one disc. That'd be really awesome....

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