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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predictions for 2009

Kantor said:

This is different from the stickied thread in that these are not just console numbers (although feel free to include those) but any sales/gaming related predictions at all, similar to this thread from last year.

1) PS3- 32 million Plausible, but optomisic.

2) X360- 38 million I notice your combined HD sales JUST pass Wii sales.  Coincidence?

3) Wii- 69 million God I hope not, but probably.

4) PS3 will outsell the Wii on GT5 launch week I doubt it.  I do believe the PS3 will peform very well relative to the other consoles in the month leading up to and the month after GT5's launch as we have seen with past games, assuming the title makes it to 2009.

5) God of War III will make it out in 2009 Quite probable.

6) PS3 will get a price cut in Q1 or Q2 I think it would be best for Sony to wait till Q3 and put some money in the bank, though for my own personal purchase reasons I hope for a March cut.

7) Final Fantasy XIII, if it makes it out, will sell better on PS3 than X360. Are you including Japan?  If you are, this is fairly obvious.  If not, the Xbox 360 has a good chance of beating the PS3's FFXIII sales in the West.

8) BioShock 2 will sell better on X360 (no brainer) I don't think Bioshock 2 will hit the PS3 this year.

9) Killzone 2 will have sold well over 3 million units by the end of the year Possible.  It may go the Resistance 2 route.

10) Heavy Rain will not sell very well, 1.5 million by year end if it's lucky. 1.5 million would be great for this game.  I hope it does more though.

11) MGS4 will not come to the Xbox 360, and will not be announced for the Xbox 360 True, there would be little point now.  It's ability to sell systems has come and gone and a port wouldn't net many sales.

12) Trico will be named and scheduled for release sometime in 2009 Hope so.

13) Mass Effect 2 will be on PS3 Certainly not in 2009, if ever.  But this is easily my most anticipated title after Versus.

14) An MGS4 "Substance" game will be released, exclusively for the PS3 Possible, maybe a bit soon.

I'll think of more later. What are your predictions? We can look at this thread at the end of 2009 and see how ridiculously wrong we all were!




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Kantor said:

15) Gran Turismo 5 will sell over 3 million WW on its opening week. With the install base this will be touch and go.  Hope so.

16) PS3 will beat 360 WW in sales for 2009. Depends entirely on your 18th prediction.

17) PS3 will re-overtake the 360 in Europe. Not early on, but perhaps later yes.

18) PS3 will be $300 by the end of the year For Sony's financials sake probably not.  But I hope so.

19) Little Big Planet will be released on PSP True.

20) Killzone 2 will sell around a million WW opening week. That would fall well below fanboy hype.  But probable.

That's a round 20. I'll keep going, this is fun



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1) $100 Price cut for PS3 Q3 possibly Q4

2) Killzone 2 will sell between 600k-1M WW Week 1

3) Final Fantasy XIII/VERSUS won't hit NA/EU in 2010.

1. PS3 outsells 360 by about 3 million

2. GT5 sells 3.5 million opening week. Scores 97 average on Metacritic. Great damage modelling, best graphics.

3. Uncharted 2 sells 2.5 million by years end

4. Killzone 2 sells 3.5 million by years end

5. Wii does great, less than 2008 though.

6. God of War III sells 1.5 million opening week

7. PSP 4000 comes out, PSP2 announced

FishyJoe said:

I predict predictions for 2009 will be about as accurate as predictions for 2008.



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FishyJoe said:

I predict predictions for 2009 will be about as accurate as predictions for 2008.



If you have the courage, put a link to your prediction post in your sig!

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same as others, PS3 doom & gloom continues,

360 will dominate 2009 as well as 2008, 2007 and before (compare to ps3)

more and more games created for 360

for 1 PS3 exclusive there is 5 or more 360 exclusive from pc developer

360 becoming PS2 in HD era, Wii is different

My Predictions:

Super Smash Bros Brawl to sell over 11 million
Super Mario Galaxy to sell over 10 million
Wii Fit & Mario Kart to sell over 17 million each
Wii production will be increased once more
Wii will sell no less than 80 million by dec 31
DS will sell no less than 130 million by dec 31
Zelda Wii will not be released
A sequel to SMG will be released (at the very least the next main game in the series)
Nintendo will release a core game that will please fans
Nintendo will not create proper storage solution in order to give fanboys something to complain about
Nintendo to make so much money they create a 100ft Pikachu that shoots lightning bolts outs of its ass and purchase the Outer Hebrides

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Xbox 360: 40 M
Ps3: 30 M

I think that MS will low the xbox 360 price aroud U$ 50 again and I think that a new xbox model will come, not slim, but smaller - CPU + GPU integration (mabe on october-november).

I think that the Ps3 price cut will be around U$ 50 and not U$ 100.

I don't think that the the Blu Ray is the only component that makes Ps3 expensive

Don't forget:
Ps3= Cell + Blu Ray + Wi-Fi + bluetooth + Memory Cards reader + PsN cost of mantaining