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Forums - Website Topics - New Mods? makingmusic476 and Onyxmeth?

Congratulations gentlemen. May your long days of pacifying fanboy arguments and greasing the cogs that run vgchartz be filled with happiness, and little resent.


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Makingmusic FTW

Congratulations. Both deserve it.

Gratz guys! :D

Good luck stopping crime in vgchartz


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Am I the only one who just heard of Onyxmeth today?

Maybe I should open my eyes more when I post. :/

gratz for both

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I, for one, welcome our new mod overlords.

Wow... congrats, dudes!

WTF, does this mean i can't bully Onyxmeth anymore. Soon everyone is going be a mod, except me. And ssj.

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