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Forums - Website Topics - New Mods? makingmusic476 and Onyxmeth?

Congrats to both new mods.

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Thatmax said:
All I specificaly remember of Onyxmeth is from this thread:

He don't seem that nice to me :S

He seems slightly better lately, but I'm still not sure I agree with choosing him.

Also, hasn't he been banned? Aren't mods supposed to never have been banned?

As in go buy us some coffee.

DMeisterJ said:
StarcraftManiac said:

SSJ12 de-modded?!... That's worth a WTF!!!

Congrats to the new ones though!... Although I think the de-modding of SSJ12 is a bit fishy, since it wasn't discussed or anything!

Freudian slip?


 Sorry, what's a Freudian slip?!?! ...


Thatmax said:
All I specificaly remember of Onyxmeth is from this thread:

He don't seem that nice to me :S

How the hell did I miss that thread? I must've been without eyes this summer, spent too much time in the sun or something. I certainly see you point though. Everyone fucks up though, and based on his rather good record outside of that one thread, maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt? I think we should, I like the fact that our mods are human and act like it.


News to me (though I'm generally a little out of the loop because I only pay so much attention), congrats to Onyx and makingMusic!

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i can't say i disagree, but whatever.

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11/20/09 04:25 makingmusic476 Warning Other (Your avatar is borderline NSFW. Please keep it for as long as possible.)

Congratz. Makingmusic name says something to me but I always forget his avatar but again Americans we need more mods from a different time zones we had problems with that in the past oh well Congratz again.

A little strange seeing what happened to ssj12 since naz told me awhile ago that he wasn't getting demodded.

Congrats to makingmusic, but I don't know what happened with Onyxmeth. If I hadn't rememebred that name from all those timesh e kept trashing Wii third party games I would have been completely clueless on who he was.

Tag - "No trolling on my watch!"

Treasure bashing now a permaban offense confirmed! Its about time too.

He has calmed down a lot since then. I haven't seen him go off on one of those long winded pointless tangents in quite awhile. I think Deadly Creatures was the last of it (was that him?).

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