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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What first got you into Videogames?

When I first played the NES, it was on display, and I was playing an unknown (at the time) game with a guy beating a giant bat with throwing axes. I found out much later that this was Castlevania, but when I first got a NES I was introduced to super Mario Bros, and the first attempt to find the game I originally played on display led me to buying my second Nes game, Legend of Zelda. Happy times!

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Street Fighter 2 on Arcade and Super Mario Bros on Nes

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Oh gosh, a long way back some arcade shooter game, no idea what it was called. I was about 6 or 7 and remember I was at my uncle's and all afternoon I was sitting behind the screen with the joystick in my hand. Later I loved Tetris, Mario Land on the GB. I "really" started the game as a complete gamefreak when I was 17. So about 14 years ago. I've always loved games and as soon as there was somewhere a game on, I was at it. When I was at school my folks didn't find it such a great idea if their daugther would have games at home... they knew for sure schoolwork would (even) suck (more) *lol*.

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Z-Out, on Amiga, a shoot-them up :

music was great,
was never able to kill the lvl5 end boss ...

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I started on the SNES. I loved Super Mario World and Street Fighter II, but it was Lufia, Arcana, and Chrono Trigger that really got me addicted. I loved SNES rpgs, but Final Fantasy never really did it for me. That changed when VII came out, though.

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When I was like 2 years old, my uncle had a NES with Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Strider, GOAL! and TMNT. I was hooked.

Two years after I got my SNES and I was a happy kid :)

it has to b Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow on the GBC it ruled my warturtle evolved on my 10th bday in my car :S

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pong, then asteroids on atari 2600... damn i'm old =p

the original mario bros (before he became a whore)
and the legend of zelda got me (when I was like 5 bitch seriosly) LOZ a link to the past was the one that took me from gamer to gamer 4 life bitch!!!

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