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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What first got you into Videogames?


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What got me was the Red Plumber Himself.

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The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past.
and then the big one OoT!

My cousin house...

Super Mario Bros: NES

5 years old, one year later I get my NES with Super Mario Bros 3 (I can remember I found my dad Playing with it before me)

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super mario bros- SNES I was very little back then like 4 or sometin.



My dad, kinda... When I was about 5 yrs old, he used to play Zelda ALttP all the time... I played it and I really liked it but I could just do like the first dongeons... :P

Years later though, my familly got me a N64 and Zelda OoT and that game got me addicted!

Most of my friends had a Nes. One had an Atari. It was something that we did when we went to each others houses.

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I used to play a nes and I tried out that Lary game (don't reameber hat it was called) but it was ine game yhat got me into it I was 6 I belive I saw one of my brothers playing StarcraftI got addictied before I started playing just the brifing was fantastic when I started playing I actully managed to take all the Missions from terran and halfthrough the zerg then it said stop and I got angry like hell then I discovered multiplayer and I loved it especilly bunker wars. At that time I kalled the game StartCraft it took me 3 years to complete the game and the exspansion pack it was a mesterpiece.

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My brother had a PS1 when I was 4. My favorite game was Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

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