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Forums - Sales Discussion - Helldivers 2 sold 12 million in 12 weeks making it the fastest selling Playstation game of all time.

zorg1000 said:

I didn’t say they would take off more on PC/mobile than on consoles, I’m saying being on consoles+PC+mobile is potentially better than just being on consoles.

I’m not sure what you’re insinuating, is Game Pass not successful on PC?

I mean, if PlayStation Plus doesn't take off on PC or mobile, I don't see how losing console market share is worth selling to more consumers. On PC, Sony really only makes money on their software and MTX, compared to their own platform where they make money on every game sold, first party software, accessories, a cut from every DLC/MTX, PS+ Extra & Premium, multiplayer paywall, etc. Sony's single player games would need to sell astronomically better for it to be worth going Day and Date on PC. 

Even a hypothetical Sony launcher on PC would be facing major challenges. They would need PlayStation Plus to take off, or at the very least compensate for the loss of subscriptions as well as consumer spending, that would come with losing 20M+ users from their console base. If PC GamePass is any indication, just being available on PC doesn't mean you'll automatically have growth, yet alone growth that is more lucrative than a walled garden ecosystem.

And just to note, I think Sony's strategy for mobile will be drastically different than their strategy for consoles/PC. 

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GT7 is low-key Sony's 2nd most impressive seller (Helldivers 2 being the 1st obviously) this generation, looking at its legs. And I think it alongside Bloodborne and maybe Demon's Souls have serious potential on PC, but Sony just refuse to port their Japanese games to PC for some reason.

I think they're coming but it is bizzare how long it's taking them.

Amazing numbers. Jim Ryan's parting gift, no one thought he'd be vindicated this quickly. Can you imagine if Concord pull in similar numbers? huge. Destiny 2 is back on track as well, it will be interesting to see how the finale shape does.

With that said, SONY is at a crossroads here, they either do what MS, which would be short-term-ist and infinitely more stupid because the brand PS was never as weak as the Xbox brand, especially now. The other option is to learn from Nintendo, the entire industry is admitting how stupid they've been and eagerly waiting for the Switch 2 to save their failing business models.

And to be clear, for SONY, learning from Nintendo doesn't mean making more AA games, imo it means doubling down on what the PS brand identity is right now, more AAAA games. Not only they know how to make them with consistency, but they have the expertise to translate them to multimedia franchises.

PS studios never made great AA games to begin with, they all sucked and didn't age well at all. Only two franchises have lived on for generations, GT and GoW, and even GoW had to rebooted to stay relevant, which is crazy giving how successful the PS/PS2 were. They need more people and more new studios working on such games which I am not seeing at all and that's the glaring problem imo.

UnderwaterFunktown said:

It's still near the top of sales charts so could end up at 20m or close by the end of the year.

I know it's quite unlikely but in theory this probably should make Sony tune down their live service approach since they already have a massive hit on their hand and they'd just be competing with themselves, unless it's a very different genre. Unfortunately most companies seem to have that backwards.

Sony's "very different" games are typically published just like Helldivers is. Bloodborne, Sackboy, Stellar Blade, Lost Soul Aside, and Destruction AllStars are radically different from what Sony develops in house.

I think they know full well that their upcoming live service games need to have a wider variety than their singleplayer games. There will still be a number of similar-ish games of course, but hopefully the variety is wide enough, with some being made by Japan, China and Korea.

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Soundwave said:

Gonna put a lot of pressure on Sony to put more and more of their big IP day 1 on PC since a big reason for these sales is coming from the PC.

Good news for Sony sure, but I don't think it's great news for the Playstation itself per se. It shows there's a massive market for their content if they're willing to treat PC as an equal platform and not something that gets a token port 2 years later, but that means the business suits are going to start asking why they don't have more day 1 PC content. 

The thing is thats their entire brand..... Playstation is important to Sony.
It lives and dies, on its exclusives carrying it.

Day1, makes sense for GaaS type games, and heavily multiplayer focused ones..... not so much for big AAA single player story focused experiances.
If they did that, it would end up loseing them playstation console sales and subscriptions.  I'm not sure that trade for, for slightly more sales on PC is worth it.

I think keeping to a 1year down the line, for story based games, is fine.
There has to be a reason to owning a game console, and that has to be based in games (ei. a console cant just live on services like gamepass imo).

zorg1000 said:
PotentHerbs said:

I’m not sure what you’re insinuating, is Game Pass not successful on PC?

Theres like 34m gamepass subscriptions.
Thats probably like 20-25m from series x/s, and maybe 5-10m from older gen (xbox one's), and then like 4-5m on pc.

Yes its successfull on pc.... but the vast majority of gamepass subscriptions are on console.

Manlytears said:

Helldivers 2 doing absurd numbers, i see.

These aren't absurd numbers, but they are great numbers we've seen 20 and 15 million units sellers in 3 days. Hell divers is doing great, but we've seen quicker and higher sales in the past.

zorg1000 said:
Hardstuck-Platinum said:

Putting games day and date on PC is what ruined the sales of Xbox. In the US the sales of Xbox were close to the sales of the PS4 until the release of games day and date on PC. If Sony do that they will kill the PlayStation

I think that may be the future strategies for Sony & Microsoft with the way the industry is moving and development times/costs continue to accelerate.

PS/XB have traditionally used the razor and blades strategy where hardware is initially sold at a loss with regular price cuts in order to increase the install base and get as many people invested in their ecosystems to sell higher profit margin software, accessories & subscriptions but I think that strategy may soon be a thing of the past.

I think hardware will still be a major pillar of their gaming businesses but it will be at higher prices with a focus on selling at a profit day 1 and shift focus to maximizing software sales and subscriptions by offering them on as many devices as possible. Sony will probably be slower and less aggressive in this transition since PlayStation sells a lot more than Xbox but I don’t think they will be far behind.

Will this impact hardware sales? Probably, but would it be better for Sony & Microsoft to sell ~90m & ~40m instead of ~115m & ~55m if their hardware is sold at higher profit margins and their software/subscriptions are on mobile/PC in addition to their consoles? I’m not sure but we may soon find out.

I think it's dangerous to disincentivise buying your hardware especially for Sony. Basically it's as followed 

  1. Pc ports to boost sales but gives people an option not to buy sony
  2. With pc ports eventually those pc ports will run better then the ps5 versions hurting sales more
  3. 3rd party games that would be sold on your platform could be bought by the same people on steam where they know they'll have it years later 
  4. 3rd party titles that would go to ps5 don't because it's less enticing when pc and other consoles sell better 
  5. Less 3rd party games (especially exclusives) will hurt because the 30% they get and for a company like Sony who make more from 3rd party they will be hurting
  6. With less sales of hardware and software Sony will either have to lower development costs by making smaller games or they'll have to make pc ports more appealing by launching them closer to maximize hype the game receives. 

I do think that for a platform holder doing this in the long run will hurt them. 

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Mar1217 said:

The kind of success they needed looking at the upcoming portfolio this year.

Looking at the live service game landscape, it's not the kind of success you can replicate too often so Sony better be grateful of what they got going there.

PC players also were the majority of this registered new force so it kinda goes to say how massively important Sony PC strategy can be.

It's too early to call the game a success as a live service title.  Obviously big up front sales is very important. But the goal of a live service game is to keep making money for several years. I think it will be at least a year from now before we know if that's going to happen. 

Certainly Sony is happy to see the game selling. And at this point you would probably bet that it will be a successful game in the long-term. But it hasn't actually achieved that success yet.