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UnderwaterFunktown said:

It's still near the top of sales charts so could end up at 20m or close by the end of the year.

I know it's quite unlikely but in theory this probably should make Sony tune down their live service approach since they already have a massive hit on their hand and they'd just be competing with themselves, unless it's a very different genre. Unfortunately most companies seem to have that backwards.

Sony's "very different" games are typically published just like Helldivers is. Bloodborne, Sackboy, Stellar Blade, Lost Soul Aside, and Destruction AllStars are radically different from what Sony develops in house.

I think they know full well that their upcoming live service games need to have a wider variety than their singleplayer games. There will still be a number of similar-ish games of course, but hopefully the variety is wide enough, with some being made by Japan, China and Korea.