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zorg1000 said:

I didn’t say they would take off more on PC/mobile than on consoles, I’m saying being on consoles+PC+mobile is potentially better than just being on consoles.

I’m not sure what you’re insinuating, is Game Pass not successful on PC?

I mean, if PlayStation Plus doesn't take off on PC or mobile, I don't see how losing console market share is worth selling to more consumers. On PC, Sony really only makes money on their software and MTX, compared to their own platform where they make money on every game sold, first party software, accessories, a cut from every DLC/MTX, PS+ Extra & Premium, multiplayer paywall, etc. Sony's single player games would need to sell astronomically better for it to be worth going Day and Date on PC. 

Even a hypothetical Sony launcher on PC would be facing major challenges. They would need PlayStation Plus to take off, or at the very least compensate for the loss of subscriptions as well as consumer spending, that would come with losing 20M+ users from their console base. If PC GamePass is any indication, just being available on PC doesn't mean you'll automatically have growth, yet alone growth that is more lucrative than a walled garden ecosystem.

And just to note, I think Sony's strategy for mobile will be drastically different than their strategy for consoles/PC.