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Soundwave said:

Gonna put a lot of pressure on Sony to put more and more of their big IP day 1 on PC since a big reason for these sales is coming from the PC.

Good news for Sony sure, but I don't think it's great news for the Playstation itself per se. It shows there's a massive market for their content if they're willing to treat PC as an equal platform and not something that gets a token port 2 years later, but that means the business suits are going to start asking why they don't have more day 1 PC content. 

The thing is thats their entire brand..... Playstation is important to Sony.
It lives and dies, on its exclusives carrying it.

Day1, makes sense for GaaS type games, and heavily multiplayer focused ones..... not so much for big AAA single player story focused experiances.
If they did that, it would end up loseing them playstation console sales and subscriptions.  I'm not sure that trade for, for slightly more sales on PC is worth it.

I think keeping to a 1year down the line, for story based games, is fine.
There has to be a reason to owning a game console, and that has to be based in games (ei. a console cant just live on services like gamepass imo).