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Forums - Movies & TV - Favourite Indiana Jones movie?

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The best movie is:

Raiders of the Lost Ark 21 38.89%
The Temple of Doom 2 3.70%
The Last Crusade 29 53.70%
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 1 1.85%
The Dial of Destiny 1 1.85%

Since we'll probably talk a lot about Indiana Jones in the upcoming months, I thought about this question.

So, what's your favorite? Mine is Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark with The Last Crusade in a close second.

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1 & 3 are the best by far, the others suck.

Raiders, easily.

For me it is:

1. The Last Crusade
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
3. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
4. Temple of Doom

Still need to watch Dial of Destiny, but I can't say I have high hopes for it.

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I voted Raiders of the Lost Ark but I could of gone either way between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade both fantastic movies. My complete rankings would be

1) Lost Ark
2) Last crusade
3) Temple of Doom
4) Dial of destiny
5) Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Raiders of the Lost Ark, though the whole original trilogy is great. Dial of Destiny was meh and we don’t talk about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Raiders followed closely by Last Crusade. I tend rewatch them once per year.

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It used to be Raiders of the Lost Ark - but a year or so ago, I watched all 3 again and I found Last Crusade to actually be a bit better. I still find Temple of Doom to be quite a bit weaker than those two. 4 and 5 were painful to watch.

I like the Last Crusade the most. Dial of Destiny also made me appreciate Kingdom of the Crystal Skull more lmao. KotCS is no longer the worst Indy film.