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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Game Awards Thread (2023)

CaptainExplosion said:

If the Game of The Year 2023 isn't Super Mario Bros. Wonder or Tears of The Kingdom, then I'll riot. *readies tank made with Zonai devices* You better believe I'll riot.

It's probably gonna be Baldur's Gate 3.

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Yeah Baldur's Gate 3 is winning this as expected.

That was a good show. Alan Wake II didn't get GOTY, but it got 3 awards. Not too shabby.

About the announcements, for some reason, I'm interested in that new Kojima game. Usually I don't like the gameplay in his titles, but I enjoy cinematic games, so I'll keep an eye on that one. Visions of Mana looks beautiful.

As expected and as deserved, now let's get ready for the riot

Baldur's gate 3 wins!

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Congrats to BG3, I'll probably get it some time next year. Alan Wake 2 winning best direction was such a flex, congrats to Remedy.

I still need to get Alan Wake and Baldur's Gate 3. I'm almost done with Spider-Man 2 so I need a new game to play.

I hated this year's game awards, for a ceremony that's supposed to be a celebration of video games and the people who create them the fact that they couldn't even talk as much as they wanted when they won awards is baffling, but oh well i guess you gotta find a way to put in those 45 fortnite ads and those 50 other ads

Also don't forget, talking about layoffs is a big no no

Monster Hunter Wilds is totally going to be on Switch 2 and is going to sell several million additional copies for Capcom as a result. 

It was a surprise that TOTK didn't have more presence and that Spider-Man 2 won literally nothing. There were cool announcements like the Jurassic Park game but overall I was expecting more exciting things. I do need to get some clown makeup since I was expecting a Silksong release date trailer but that is something that should never be expected.