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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Game Awards Thread (2023)

bg3 seems favorite but in the last few hours important media figures have voted for zelda, however I will be surprised if aw2 wins

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Leynos said:
Dulfite said:

People that:

A) Like awards show

B) Like game announcements

C) Like cringe

D) All of the above

I'm all of the above, personally. I can't wait for the cringe!

Read my post again. I didn't ask who is watching it.

Woops. I'll edit my post then lol.

Always a good time watching the Game Awards. Hoping for some cool announcements

Mario Wonder receives first award for Best Family Game

Those first three premiers.... uh lol

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Doug Bowser always seems nervous on camera. Doesn't help that he was the first award recipient tonight.

I just can't even lol

The way they joke about how no one's allowed to talk for long is actually so messed up

I missed whatever happened after Exodus but before Big Walk . Can anyone let me know?

Free GOW DLC is a nice surprise.