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Forums - Sales Discussion - Switch Ships 132.46 Million Units as of September 2023

Regional YoY Q2 shipments

Japan 1.01m > .98m (-3%)
Americas 1.29m > .85m (-35%)
Europe .58m > .63m (+9%)
Others .37m > 0.48m (+29%)
Total 3.25m > 2.93m (-10%)

As expected, without a heavy hitter in Q2, the switch loses momentum. Japan holds steady from last year, still boosted by the foreign exchange rate and the influx of tourists. Americas take a massive hit. Europe was the worst performing region last quarter and now the shipment pendulum swings back in its favor. Others continue to do well, much like Japan, as their friends score new consoles from Japan, they are more likely to go through official channels too.

Overall last quarter was up 14% YoY, and now switch is down 10% YoY. The power of zelda could maybe be attributed to a 24% shift worldwide.

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Considering how many were skeptical about the 15m forecast at first there shouldn't really be any doubt they can reach it now with nearly 7m shipped in two non-holiday quarters. The real question is how much they can beat it by.

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ShadowLink93 said:

So actually the least the Switch has ever shipped in its last two quarters is just above 10m. We could possibly see less this year but I think ~9m is probably the floor.

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TOTK feels kind of frontloaded, holiday sales will be interesting. No update on Wonder yet?






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Hardware shipments meet my expectations with close to 3m for the quarter. Now looking forward to see if the holiday quarter can be ~7m to get close to the 140m mark by the end of 2023.

Nintendo has not adjusted their hardware forecast yet, so it remains at 15m. Software was bumped to 185m from previously 180m while revenue and profit are now expected to be notably better than initially assumed due to changes in the exchange rate.

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Nintendo Switch versus Nintendo DS

After 27 quarters the Switch has shipped 132.46 million units and the DS had shipped 147.86 million units, this means launched aligned Switch trails DS by 15.40 million. Overall the Switch is just 21.56 million behind DS' lifetime total.

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please put it at 140 mil by year end


Oh man, it's so close to beating the DS!
At this point I'm just hoping it wont miss the mark by a measly 1-2M

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Both hardware and software were higher than i expected. Pikmin 4 was a bit short though, it was heavily Japan-centric for it's sales. I was expecting Japan to account for 40% of Pikmin 4's sales but it was 52% (1.36m / 2.61m).