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Regional YoY Q2 shipments

Japan 1.01m > .98m (-3%)
Americas 1.29m > .85m (-35%)
Europe .58m > .63m (+9%)
Others .37m > 0.48m (+29%)
Total 3.25m > 2.93m (-10%)

As expected, without a heavy hitter in Q2, the switch loses momentum. Japan holds steady from last year, still boosted by the foreign exchange rate and the influx of tourists. Americas take a massive hit. Europe was the worst performing region last quarter and now the shipment pendulum swings back in its favor. Others continue to do well, much like Japan, as their friends score new consoles from Japan, they are more likely to go through official channels too.

Overall last quarter was up 14% YoY, and now switch is down 10% YoY. The power of zelda could maybe be attributed to a 24% shift worldwide.