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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spider man 2 Launch weekend sales prediction


Spider man 2 opening weeking (3 days) sales

2 to 2.5 million 1 2.13%
2.5 to 3 million 1 2.13%
3 to 3.5 million 2 4.26%
3.5 to 4 million 6 12.77%
4 to 4.5 million 4 8.51%
4.5 to 5 million 7 14.89%
5 to 5.5 million 9 19.15%
>5.5 million 17 36.17%

Spider man 2 launches in just 4 days on 20th October. 

How many copies would the game sell in its opening weekend (first 3 days).

Current top 5 best opening weekend sales for Sony First party-

God of War Ragnarok- 5.1 million in 5 days

The last of us part II- 4 million in 3 days

Spider man 2018- 3.3 million in 3 days

God of war 2018- 3.1 million in 3 days

Ghost of tsushima- 2.4 million in 3 days

I'd say Spider man 2 has a good chance of setting a new record for Biggest opening weekend of Sony first party.

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I feel it has a chance of cracking the 6 million mark 1st week and sets a new record for PlayStation.

It does have the disadvantage of being only on PS5 unlike Ragnarök, but I still think it can probably land somewhere around ~5m.

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Somewhere between 5 to 6 million, though I wonder if the legs will be as strong as the first one.

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Qwark said:

Somewhere between 5 to 6 million, though I wonder if the legs will be as strong as the first one.

No reason for it to not do as well as the first.

The game is reviewing really well. (91 vs 87)

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I'll say around 5.5-5.75 million in the opening weekend. It'll do better than the first in the few days to possibly first week or more but will have weaker legs.

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Easy, above 5.5M for sure. This game will be +20M lifetime for sure.

I'll be bold and say anywhere from 6M - 8M in its first weekend/week.

I'm guessing 4.5~ million (sell through). I tend to underestimate Sony and Nintendo openings, but I'm factoring this tendency into my prediction.

Spider-Man 2 will have the disadvantage of a much lower install base compared to those five but it's Spider-Man and a sequel to a very popular game so it should outdo the first one so I'll go with better than TLOU 2 but worse than Ragnarok.