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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 39, 2023 (Sep 18 - Sep 24)

Only Pikmin could defeat Pikmin

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Switch slaying as always

3 out of the top 2 spots are Pikmin games.

Nobody is happier than Miyamoto about the success and emergence of Pikmin, I'd imagine.

- Someone used the defib on Xbox.
- Pikmin 1/2 sales are damn strong considering it came out digitally ages ago and the games themselves are just HD ports of games from twenty years and three generations ago.
- Lies of P sells over 4 times more on PS5 than PS4. The active base seems to have largely transitioned.

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Hey Pikmin ! needs an HD remaster so we can get a Pikmin Trifecta in the top 3 !

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Interestingly enough, 2023 PS5 sales may wind up equal to 2022+2021+2020 sales combined.

1 more week on cruise control for Switch, then the Mario OLED arrives, followed 2 weeks later by Wonder itself.
Last year managed 1.431m from this point til the end of the year; a similar holiday would bring 2023 to around 4.4m, but 2D Mario had the potential to be a bigger hardware pusher than Splatoon 3.

Mario wonder is coming for 1.5 million debut week in Japan , I fear

Top 30 software is now posted

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