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Forums - Sports Discussion - NFL 2023 Season Discussion Thread


Who will in the Super Bowl this season?

Kansas City Chiefs 2 25.00%
Cincinnati Bengals 2 25.00%
Buffalo Bills 0 0%
Jacksonville Jaguars 2 25.00%
Other AFC Team 0 0%
Philadelphia Eagles 1 12.50%
San Francisco 49ers 1 12.50%
Dallas Cowboys 0 0%
Seattle Seahawks 0 0%
Other NFC Team 0 0%
PAOerfulone said:

Dear Jets, Giants, and Metlife Stadium owners,

Ditch the fucking turf and use real grass, you Goddamn cheapskates!

Kinda hard to have natural grass in a stadium that is shared by two teams.    

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Tua and Tyreek where pretty much the best performers in the first week. Looking forward to the Sunday night game between the Dolphins and the Patriots.

Huh, the Jets won? When I posted last night, they were down by 10 points IIRC. Man, must the Bills suck this year. It's only week 1, but you can confidently extrapolate from there.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV will outsell Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I was wrong.

Well, that was about how I figured Rogers Jet career would go. Thankfully I learned not to board the hype train. Despite that, it was a fun game to attend. Breece Hall thankfully looks to have recovered well from his injury. If the Oline can tighten up, maybe they'll be able to compete for a playoff spot. But eventually they'll need to compete in a shootout, and it doesn't seem like they'll be able to do that with Wilson at the helm. 

RolStoppable said:

Huh, the Jets won? When I posted last night, they were down by 10 points IIRC. Man, must the Bills suck this year. It's only week 1, but you can confidently extrapolate from there.

Jets beat them last year at home as well. For whatever reason Jets have had Allen's number for a while. He doesn't play well against them, and the Jets offense was merely bad instead of terrible, so they were able to win.

Sucks that Rodgers is out for the rest of the year. The Jets still should win at least a few more games than they did last year or at least one. They improved their roster overall and hopefully they do not loose six games in a row again.

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Broncos offense looked way better than last season and Russ seems to be moving around a lot more. What a bizarre fucking game, they only had like five or six possessions.

Hard to tell if the Dallas defense is really that good or if the NYG are just that bad. Even still, there seems to be a lack of physicality on the Dallas defense that other defenses like the 49ers or Jets have. They have another easy game this week with Zach Wilson at QB.

Rodgers posted on Instagram that he will rise again or something, so I'm guessing he's planning on coming back next year. Still sad to see. Now the only question I have left is this: Will Aaron Rodgers play a professional football game before Switch 2 releases?

Vikings-Eagles on TNF.
Should be a win for the Eagles at home.
But they struggled against the Patriots who aren't really all that impressive. We'll see.

Eagles shooting themselves in the foot w/ the penalties late and keeping the Vikings in it.

Honestly, even though the Eagles are 2-0, it doesn't really feel like they're 2-0.
Both games were much closer than they should have and honestly, the Vikings beat themselves more than the Eagles beat them.
Yes, the Eagles were running the ball at will and the OL was dominant, but the main reason for that was all the freaking turnovers the Vikings kept committing. As soon as they would gain some momentum, they'd commit a turnover and give it right back to the Eagles and that did their defense NO favors.