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Most Anticipated June Release

Aliens: Dark Descent 10 1.72%
Crash Team Rumble 10 1.72%
Diablo IV 127 21.78%
Etrian Odyssey Origins 15 2.57%
Final Fantasy XVI 252 43.22%
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective 10 1.72%
Master Detective Archives: Rain Code 27 4.63%
Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life 14 2.40%
Street Fighter VI 51 8.75%
Other/Nothing 67 11.49%

Packed month but considering I have much to no affinity with the big franchises ... Welp I can only be happy for those excited about it. Anywoo, it'll be mostly me playing Zelda TOTK of course.

Yet I'm quite anticipating the release of Master Detective Archives : Rain Code. Looks slightly more in my alley than the Danganronpa series which they made previously.

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Final Fantasy 16 is the main one.
Then Street Fighter 6 and Diablo 4.

I think this will be the first time I play Diablo on console instead of PC, because I really liked how relaxing it felt to play the Beta with a controller.
But I may not pick it up on release.

Final Fantasy XVI !!!
Also SFVI, Rain Code, Diablo IV.
Strongest month this year so far!

 I voted FF16 since it would be unreasonable to expect this to be listed lol

Most excited for this order to ship esp the Telenet Shooting collection! Man the constant stream of Dreamcast and SEGA Saturn Shmup ports to Switch makes me all giddy!

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1. Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) I'll fill out the rest later after this Wednesday.

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Definitely Diablo 4, even as it will probably take me some good time before I pick it up.

Street Fighter 6 for me, since Final Fantasy XVI and RAIN CODE are not releasing on PC yet.

Final Fantasy XVI for sure.

Street Fighter VI would be a #2 for me.

Also interested in Etrian Odyssey Origins.