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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 11, 2023 (Mar 06 - Mar 12)

Zippy6 said:

Yes it's a given it'd be down and like I said I expect the YoY decline to get smaller as the year goes on. The "positive surprise" I was quoting was that it was the 3rd best selling year when it isn't.

I'm not sure about your comment about the baseline. There was only one week that sold under 50k for Switch so far and the baseline seemed to be establishing itself around 53k which isn't that far from this week. I don't necessarily see any change to a baseline yet just a small temporary boost from the release of Kirby. If the sales next week do not decline from 59k then maybe an improved baseline can be argued otherwise I'd say the 53k-ish mark hasn't changed and sales will return to that.

But a baseline in the low 50's would be fine. Last year from Week 15 onwards the Switch settled into an average of around 67k until Splatoon 3 came. So a 53k baseline for example would be a respectable 21% drop YoY to this number, and a 21% drop YoY is about how I expect the year to end with 3.7m-4m sales.

I didn't say this was the new baseline, it's just that in Feb it seemed to be on its way downwards, and where it's at now is above where I would have expected a month ago.

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I do understand that Zelda will increase sales for the Switch, but I do expect the sales to be about 25-30% down YoY.

The 2nd half of 2022 was kinda “weak” but it still
Had some decent sales especially with the releases of Splatoon 3 and Both Pokémon Scarlet/Violet.

As for the PS5, it seems that it won’t have a hard time clearing the 2 million yearly mark, how much higher would depend on the stock and if games like FF16 will get bundled with the system (taking the reference of COMG it seems that it will be) and what games they still have for the rest of the year.

Interesting year all in all

Pokemon just a few weeks away from passing 5M at retail. Same for Splatoon 3 and 4M at retail.

Weird how they never did the top 30 for this week.
Hopefully we get them for tomorrow's numbers.

Kirby should leg its way to a million in time, like Forgotten Land before it. Japan sure does love the pink puffball.

@curl-6 If it does It will be the 3rd Kirby game to do so on Switch. Kirby Star allies and Kirby and the forgotten land are both over a million physical sales, according to Famitsu. 

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Chicho said:

@curl-6 If it does It will be the 3rd Kirby game to do so on Switch. Kirby Star allies and Kirby and the forgotten land are both over a million physical sales, according to Famitsu. 

Yeah the combo of a beloved character on a super popular system is killer. Star Allies and Forgotten Land both had good legs so I expect Return to Dreamland Deluxe will too.

Switch got three kirby games but no F-Zero, sad times


Zippy6 said:
Mar1217 said:

Switch is surprisingly putting out it's third best year, even beating 2020/19's in the process. Wonder how the baseline will settle to during the slower period.

The switch is down 35% YoY which is more than I think most people expected, so I wouldn't say that it's performance is surprising in a good way.

I expect the Switch to do better YoY in the 2nd half of the year.


This is not the Switch's third best year just checked. Here's the sales by week 11 for all years.

2018: 578k
2019: 862k
2020: 1025k
2021: 1388k
2022: 1188k
2023: 775k

Only 2018 is worse than this year, it's 5th out of 6.

Welp, I exprimed myself wrongly there cuz I only meant it in the context of Week 11 only. Wasn't thinking of the aggregate sales yet.

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