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Age isn’t particularly relevant. The two main things that will lower your game time are University and kids.

University is more severe but temporary and usually has to do with an intense social and dating life—once you get your life straightened out - job, wife, house, savings and investments - your motivation to game will return.

Kids is more of a time availability thing rather than motivation. It doesn’t matter if it’s one kid or five, it’s about the same amount of time; the age of your kids is probably the most relevant factor, but the first kid is the most time consuming, but you kind of get a hang of managing your time after a bit. While some people can blow through 250 hours of a game in under a month, that’ll probably take a good 6-12 months after you have kids.

From personal experience: I’ve found that sometimes it’s good to disconnect from gaming if you’re going overboard (like I recently did with Dwarf Fortress and Victoria 3) as I find gaming addiction demotivates me in other aspects of life, and I tend to fall short in my goals. That’s just me, though. I’m sure other types of people can manage to find great success without having to put games down periodically. Although, anyone else finding themselves falling behind in goals: career, social, romantic, family, house and property related, etc… you might want to consider my recommendation of periodic gaming disconnects. If you find you can’t put games down, then there exists proof of the addiction.

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We are united in our love for games.

46 years old here. Playing from age 8 .
I never going to quit gaming. Is part of what i am. When i was a child i play with my brothers, ,now with my 8 years old daughter.
Salute to all gamers (Ps,Xbox,nintendo,pc,etc)

Don't think about your age my man, you're not old at all. And even when you get there, your passion is what matters, screw all that age appropriate nonsense.

I turned 40 recently, but i still love gaming and won't give it up anytime soon haha. I keep doing challenge runs on Elden Ring. No need to take it easy when you enjoy yourself and aren't harming others 🤠

Shit, I'm 41 and I just made my own mancave this year for gaming and all things comics, fantasy and movies.

Me and my wife had our first baby last year and now aim is to get him into all the things I'm into, and understand and appreciate the creativeness that goes behind it.

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You're never too old to have a hobby or to have fun in general. I'll be turning 43 next week, and I've been neck deep in Elden Ring for the past month. I still enjoy video games as much as I did as a kid back in the 80s when the only things I had were the Intellivision and NES.


In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").

Rest assured, you really are supposed to know what camping is, especially at our age. I mean when we grew up in the 90s camping was the winning strat in games like Quake!

I mean, I don’t know what a “4o1k” is…

S.Peelman said:

Rest assured, you really are supposed to know what camping is, especially at our age. I mean when we grew up in the 90s camping was the winning strat in games like Quake!

I mean, I don’t know what a “4o1k” is…

It's a "Murica" thing. You are fine as far as retirement goes.

You can worry about all that stuff and yet still indulge with your hobby.

It might not be as much as it used to be in the younger days but still possible.

Like right now I play games during work days (Mon - Fri) at least 1 hour when I am at home (PS3, PS4, Xbox Series S, Switch or PC).

I get an extra hour at work due to a 1 hour lunch break - so I get out a portable gaming device I own (Switch, 3DS, PSP, iPhone, etc).

During weekends and holidays I might get 2-3 hours unless I'm spending time with the family during outings, etc.

That is more than enough time especially if you juggle between 2-3 games. (I'm juggling between 10-12 games lol)