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Forums - General Discussion - For Those About To Game, I Salute You

I'm not young. As a matter of fact, I'm embarrassingly old to still be on message boards, talking about things that most people my age know nothing about. In my stage of life, I'm suppose to be concerned with my 4o1k and stock options, not which gun got nerfed on a specific level because it was overpowered and leading to sky-high K/D ratios for campers (for that matter, I'm not even suppose to know what a K/D ratio is, let alone a camper).

But I am. And the reason I am, I've discovered, is because of you. All of you. The Nintendo fanboys, the Sony fanboys, the Xbox fanboys, the PC fanboys... and all the other people who aren't fanboys, but who just love video games enough to want to come here and talk about them, or argue about them, or just voice their opinions about them. The young, the middle aged, the old... it's every one of you, the collective, the mass of passionate outsiders, the geeks, the nerds, the socially awkward, the forgotten, the ridiculed... we are all in the same boat, even if our boats are painted a different color, and carry different logos of affiliation and fandom. At the end of the day, we all sail upon the same sea. And it's that camaraderie, that sense of community and unity that, despite some twenty-odd years of doing this, keeps me coming back for more when there's no other logical reason to be doing so, and I just wanted to recognize you all for it, and pay my respects.

I know on the whole, nothing I say will matter beyond the time it takes for you to read this post, but if at least one person sees this and has some sort of realization, some sort of epiphany, then it'll be worth it. We shouldn't be at each others throats all the time. We are too niche, and too much like brothers and sisters to be acting that way. We all belong to a special group (in a good way), and we'd all be better off if we could--for once--just recognize this obvious truth and act accordingly. 

But anyway, cheers to you all! May you all be blessed in life, and may your fingers retain their abilities to accurately mash X's, Y's, A's and mouse clicks, even when the time comes for someone to come along and mash up your food for you! 

Take care! 

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Hello! If your profile is accurate (and I have no reason to not believe it so). then you are way, way far from being old! Actually, my very own son is just about six years younger than you are! And you are sure to find some older chaps around here. Welcome aboard!!

Edit: Also, props for the AC/DC mention. Thumbs up.

You take care wherever you go! ^^

33 is most certainly not old. I mean really this medium has moved passed age barriers long ago, so keep gaming til the sun goes down. I’m in my mid 40s and have no intentions of stopping now while it’s getting good.

Anyway, yes, we all should love and care for each other. Thankfully this website is pretty good at that for the most part.

I'll keep gaming till I'm dead, which I hope is as far off as possible.

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We're all gamers for life! Never too old to enjoy a game by yourself, with friends, or someone you were matched with online.

Cheers to you my friend and game on!

I expected to find you're in your mid 50s or something when I checked your profile page, but you're younger than me - quit making me feel old!

I’m just here for the sales.

Machina said:

I expected to find you're in your mid 50s or something when I checked your profile page, but you're younger than me - quit making me feel old!

Yeah dude, I thought you were at least going to be in your late 40s.  You’ve got many, many, many years of healthy and enjoyable gaming ahead of you.  I’ll be 40 in 3 years and I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon.

F*ck 401ks, news media outlets, and real life.  All of it is depressing anyways lol

Only 20 years, I've been gaming twice as long as you :) And I hope to be gaming for another 40 years. (On my dad's side they all made it well past 90, good chance I'll have to endure life that long as well)

Anyway age demographic for gamers puts you right in the middle of the bell curve. And fanboyism has little to do with age, some people never mature. "The average England football hooligan is aged 25 to 44"... Lot easier to spew bile on the internet than actually starting a riot! Just ignore it, don't feed the trolls. Stay polite and reasonable, or don't respond at all.

We're not niche anymore either, well I guess we are on this site. Yet gaming is fully mainstream nowadays. "According to a survey conducted in December 2021, 65 percent of adults in the United States played video games on at least one platform." Sure that includes mobile, but that's gaming as well. (Unless you're a PC/console fanboy :p)

Anyway I'm 49, currently playing Factory simulator on Roblox, God of War on PS5 and can't wait to get my hands on PSVR2!