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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - (Rumor) Nintendo discarded "Switch Pro"


Do you believe a mid-gen upgrade for Switch will happen?

Yes, this rumor is wrong. 10 20.83%
No, this rumor is accurate 38 79.17%
Stefan51278 said:
Pemalite said:

What goal posts have been moved? The game is a mess. Those are the objective facts... And a lot of those issues would be resolved with superior hardware as overclocked Switch consoles have factually proven.

The problems with Pokemon are not in any way based on the hardware perfomance of the Nintendo Switch. The game has a lot of problems because Game Freak is not in any way capable to make a game that meets the demand of the hardware. Game developers who develop a game for multiple console-targets or PC with almost endless combinations of hardware would love to have a single target to optimize their game against to achieve a good result and Game Freak isn't able to achieve even one optimized target. The Pokemon Engine had a lot of problems in previous games…even their first game had a lot of bugs, some of them still known to gamers as MissingNo.

This could be a direct result of a) their software development process being deeply flawed or/and b) the development being underfunded in a big way. I think it is a combination of both flaws and it shows in their games with simple things not fitting together. They could use a texture-library directly from the GameCube which was made to fit in the 40MB Ram that device had, but please for the love of god go with a uniform texel density. They do not even pick the low-hanging-fruits.

If they need better hardware to achieve better games then why is the Switch not the perfect Pokemon console? A bigger generational jump will not happen for a long, long time, if ever. They came from the 3DS and got the Switch. From 128MB Ram to 4096 MB Ram. From a 268Mhz-Dual-Core-Processor to a Quad-Core-Processor with 1000 Mhz. From a fixed-shader-GPU right to Nvidia Cuda Cores. I'm already interested in the ways they fuck up the next hardware with DLSS. If Nintendo could achieve a PS5 in a Switch Case without melting the device and having more than five minutes of battery life tomorrow…Game Freak would find a way to present us with a bad performing highly flawed game and it would still sell ten millions in the first week.

I really want the next Switch Hardware to be here sooner than later, but Pokemon is in no way, shape or form a valid argument. Please stop using it, you are hurting my software developer profesional honor.

Yep, well said my friend. 

Game Freak is a subpar developer and Pokemon fans are easily satisficed.  Hence violet/scarlet are what they are, not because of hardware, but because of others reasons.  The need doesn't exist because Game Freak wouldn't do anything with it and Pokemon fans will purchase by the millions without a care. 


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I mean, bad programming can bring any hardware to its knees.
I expect if/when we have a Switch successor with better-than-PS4 capabilities, Gamefreak's games will still be technically subpar.

What I find fascinating about Scarlet/Violet is the fact that they cut every single corner possible (reduced animation rates, low draw distance, low quality repeated textures, lower resolution compared to Arceus) and still the game doesn't perform well at all. Maybe a more powerful hardware would've helped but this is just a poorly made and badly optimised game, no doubt about it.

How long before Monolith Soft is obligated by Nintendo to actually make Pokemon x Xenoblade game just so we can get a good looking and we'll optimized Pokémon game on the system lol

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yeah it seems like it might have been a thing planned but chip crunch killed it, basically.

my personal headcannon is that the switch OLED IS the pro, just without the better chipset.